All Healing Messages

Finding a Fulfilling Career Path

Margie Eddington shares how, despite challenges and closed doors along the way, God led her step-by-step to just the right career.

God's Presence During a Tornado

Christi Lupher, a guest on our website, shares how she overcame fear in the face of a tornado ... which calmed.

Bearing Witness to the Truth

Christi Lupher shares how doing her duty as a Christian completely healed stress-related stomach cramps.

The Christ Power in a Storm at Sea

John Lupher shares how sailing in a storm at night awoke in him the desire and commitment to learn more about the Christ power and spiritual confidence that calmed the sea

Overcoming Feeling Alone

Nicholas shares how he felt alone in a different country and found comfort in the story of Joseph.

Restaurant Owner Trusts God's Direction

Ray Villaman worried about leaving his restaurants for a year to live in Spain with his family. Trusting that God is in control brought healing.

Finding a Place to Live

Christine Villaman shares how God found her family a place to live just in time and in a great location in Spain, where they'd be living for a year.

Help for Boaters Stranded in Storm

How God answered our prayers when our boat wouldn't start during a thunder and lightning storm

Hostile Take-Over Prevented Through Prayer

Chris Jackson tells how another company made an attempt at a hostile take-over and how prayer helped them survive, transform, and thrive.

Horse and Rider Trust God's Control

Nancy Humphrey Case shares how she learned to let go of control and trust in God while she worked with her young horse.

Facing and Overcoming Fear

Nancy Humphrey Case shares how she faced fear and overcame it after a few challenging rides on her new horse.

Wallet Lost in the Ocean is Found

Marilyn Utz shares how she and her husband were able to maintain their joy even though his wallet was lost at the beginning of their tropical vacation - and then how it was restored in full

Nothing Can Take Away Our Joy

A mom shares the lessons she learned when many things in her day tried to take away her joy

Healing of Bee Sting

A 5-year-old girl is quickly healed of bee sting while swimming.

God's Help on Icy Bridge

An individual shares how she experienced God's control of everything, even careening traffic on an icy bridge.

Jabez and Roxie

Jeanne Sparks, an accomplished horsewoman, shares a personal experience in which the prayer of Jabez helped her work with and train a difficult horse.

Missing Purse Returned

God's angels are always caring for us. A group of friends witness this care when a missing purse and all its contents are returned.

Jeanne Sparks Prays About Her Studio

Jeanne Sparks, piano teacher, shares how she has effectively prayed to maintain a safe, pure, beautiful, and respectful atmosphere in her studio for her piano students.

Back Pain Healed

Mike Ritter shares how his never-ending involvement with God took foothold when his wife was healed of difficult back pain.

Healing of Eczema

Mike Ritter shares how a severe case of eczema was healed as he was able to see his purity, remove guilt for a bad business decision, and forgive himself.

Healing on a Climb to the Acropolis

The healing of the lepers inspired someone whose knee gave out to find healing on a climb to the Acropolis.

Relief from Soreness

When we ask, God answers. A woman found instantaneous relief from extreme soreness.

A Teenager Turns to God

A teenager shares how he turned to God when his ankle became swollen and had a very fast healing.

Gymnast Turns to God for Healing

A young gymnast turns to God to find healing after she injured her neck preparing for a half-time performance.

Stolen Trailer Returned After Prayer

When something gets stolen (in this case, a trailer), we can pray, take practical steps, and watch the good results.

God Knows What a Son Needs

Lori Doutrich shares how giving her son totally to God helped bring healing and harmony to his attitude and to their relationship.

God, Our Ever-Present Father

When her boys needed a father because theirs was gone for work, Amy Sparkman explains how they came to recognize father figures all around them. They learned that God is their ever-present Father.

Healing the Label of Disability

When her son had problems reading, Amy Sparkman refused to label him as learning disabled. Instead, she turned to God, worked differently with her son, and witnessed a beautiful healing.

A Healing of Cold Symptoms

A mom refused to let sore throat and cold symptoms take over her life. Rather, she trusted that God's protecting power kept her safe - which resulted in healing.

A Son's Healing at Family Camp

A mom shares how her son, who became ill at family camp, found happiness, love, and healing as a result of turning to God in complete trust.

Healing for an Owner and a Horse

A horsemanship teacher, decided to see an impatient horse owner as patient. His attitude changed, as did his relationship with his horse.

Therapeutic Horsemanship and Love Meet a Son's Needs

Judith Cordray shares how prayer for their special education son and a therapeutic horsemanship instructor's refusal to limit him has helped her son break through limits and become more independent.

God's Love Helps Us Even When We Fall

A mom shares her prayer when her daughter fell from a play structure. The fact that God fills all space and "nothing can ever separate us from God's love" brought healing!

A Prayer Circle

A mom called a prayer circle for her daughter, which helped the woman win a job playing for a symphony. Prayer works.

Bee Stings Healed

Some healings come immediately with prayer. See how this boy faced his bee stings with God and got immediate results!

Aching Muscles Healed

When you work hard at something, you sometimes feel tired. Find out how easily this feeling can be challenged by turning your thought to God.

Fever Healed

Sometimes all it takes to stop feeling sick is an activity that helps us focus on God. Find out how playing with Legos helped heal a child with a fever.

Patience Learned

Being patient can feel tough. See how Jesus' patience with his disciples helped one teacher exercise patience with her own students.

The Right Path

It can feel hard to find a job that is fulfilling. Find out how this woman found her perfect career with prayer.

Father-Mother God

When you think of God, are you more inclined to think of Him as masculine? Think again!

Olene Carroll and Family Protected from Gunfire

When it seems we aren't in a safe place, we can always find comfort in God. This family did!

Communicating with God

We have all felt unsure of whether we are hearing God's messages or just our own ideas. This article takes that burden off our mind.

God Forgives Mistakes

After an accident, God forgives.

Poison Ivy Healed

Sometimes all it takes is a true understanding of God's nature to heal our ailments. This boy's healing of poison ivy is a great example.

Life's Calling

God always has a plan for us - and it's always good!

God, Our Protector

A potentially fatal situation is averted through God's preserving power.

God, the Realtor

Adam Messer thought he and his wife would have trouble selling their home. With prayer, however, they found that all their housing needs were quickly fulfilled.

Guidance in Hectic Times

While our lives sometimes seem to be loaded down with work, there is always time to get everything done with prayerful guidance. See how this woman found plenty of time to spare when she turned her thought to God.

The Way Leads Upward

See how this pilot used prayer in several situations to keep him safe in his frequent flights between southern Africa and Alaska.

God Loves Man's Best Friend Too!

Even when our pets aren't feeling well, we can know that they are in God's ever-present care.

Prayer About Kidnapping

No one can be beyond the Christ - not even some kidnappers. A scary situation is resolved through prayer.

Extending the Borders of Thought (Psalm 23)

See how this woman learned a valuable lesson about the 23rd Psalm while taking her morning swim.

Congestion Healed

Daphne Selbert climbed into the back of a taxi during Ramadan, she had no idea the driver would give her just the attitude adjustment she was looking for.

God's Ever-Present Guidance

What happens when you don't get what you want? God has an even better plan for you!

Love in Troubled Times

Gratitude breaks through long-term depression and suicidal thoughts.

Building Life Around God

Putting God at the center of your life brings infinite blessings.

A New School of Thought

Though leaving one school system and building one of their own had many challenges, this couple faced it all with comforting thoughts from God.

God: The Active and Present Force

Even when a situation seems hopeless, listening to God and asking for direction does the trick.

Being of One Mind

Working with people who have a different mindset can be hard. But when we learn that we are all of one Mind - God's Mind - we can easily smooth out the differences.

Pneumonia Healed Instantaneously

God is always with us, surrounding us with Love.

Reflecting God's Love

Sometimes it can be hard to love someone who we feel does not deserve it. See how this girl turned to the Bible for help with her relationship with her mother.

The Usefulness of Angel Messages

No electricity? No problem! Angel messages lead to a family's perfect Christmas.

In Times of Trouble

While mountain biking in the Alps, a man prayerfully problem-solves his way through a sticky situation.

Let That Mind Be in You Which Was Also in Christ Jesus

Learn more about how each and every one of us reflects God's infinite Mind.

Dancing to the Rhythm of God

Boogie down! Dancing is a great way to express God.

Elizabeth Healed of Barrenness and Giving Birth to John the Baptist

Learn more Elizabeth, who was healed of barrenness. She was John the Baptist's mom, so it's clear she had a complete healing!

Terminal Cancer Healed in 7 Days

Find out how this man was healed of terminal cancer in a week.

Depression Healed

Feeling depressed and angry? Reach out for God's help! This teenager did, and she regained her peace.

Honor thy Father and thy Mother

A teenager learns about unconditional love from her parents.

Wilderness Experiences

While going through a divorce, a man learns how God authoritatively cares for him, always.

A Prodigal Son's Realization

A real-life prodigal son radically changes his ways, with his family's and God's help.

Our Right Place

A marine biologist learns that there are always unlimited opportunities for good.

Kelsey Whitney, like David, Overcomes Fear

Like Goliath, we can defeat our enemy, whether it be fear, doubt, worry, or anything else. While playing varsity softball as a freshman, Kelsey did it!

God the Provider

While playing basketball (and always) God provides all ability, intelligence, and wisdom.

Michele O'Donnell Shares How Child Was Saved From Death

God's mercy swallows up condemnation - and a toddler has a remarkable healing!

Walking with Love

At camp, Tabby learns that God is with us every step of the way.

Trust in God's Provision Helps a Family

Deep trust in God brings about a smooth resolution when a family needs a car.

A Teenager Prayed When It Looked As If His Boss Had Fired Him

Afraid of getting fired? Don't worry - all your needs will be met.

Jealousy of Friends

Jealousy got you down? A teenager shares how she stopped comparing herself and started celebrating her own accomplishments.

Climbing a Mountain

Hiking is an excellent time for prayer.

Loving a Scary School Teacher

In elementary school, Helen Eddington overcame fear of her teacher, and even learned to love her.

God Helps a Company Stay in Business

Afraid of failure? Turn to God for direction, and you will succeed. Check out how Jim did just that when major challenges arose in his company.

Working Through Personality Conflicts at Work

No need to resign - an employee shares how she learned to lovingly resolve issues with her coworkers.

Listening to God's Angel Messages Saved a Climber From Falling

Whew! Listening to God saves you from falling. Just ask Kathleen!

Passing a Masters Program Test One Step at a Time

When taking a difficult, important task, Lisa Graff learns to listen and act one step at a time.

The Story of Jesus Feeding the Multitudes Heals

Worried about your diet? Consider Jesus' feeding of the multitudes.

The Bible Helped Give a Teenager Guidance to Start Over with a Relationship

Getting over a bad breakup? A teenager shares helpful insights from her experience.

God Provides Immediate Practical Care and Healing for a Family

Marilyn Utz shares how God met all of her family's needs when she, her daughter, and her husband were sick at Christmas time.

Loving a Friend Who Was Gossiping

Learn to love and forgive like Joseph! A 14-year-old girl explains how.

Relying On God During a Difficult Business Relationship

Difficult business challenges are resolved when a man prays about identity.

Praying Through an Unfair and Unethical Situation

An unfair situation at work is resolved when a woman learns to love and forgive her boss.

A Boy Healed of an Upset Stomach

An 11-year-old boy shares how he used his favorite childhood lullaby, the 23rd Psalm, to heal his upset stomach.

The 23rd Psalm Heals Back Pain

Reading the 23rd Psalm leads to a healing of back pain.

Two Amazing Healingsof a Horse

All of God's creatures, including horses, are receptive!

Healing a Chihuahua Hurt From a Fall

Dogs can be healed, too! Check out this healing of a Chihuahua.

God's Help in an Important Business Deal

Seemingly impassible business obstacles are resolved.

Making an Important Choice with God

A ballerina shares how she made an important choice with God's guidance.

A Man Turns To God, Helping His Become Company Profitable Again

A CEO learns that success comes from God and His blessings never end.

Living after a Loss

Bible verses help a woman carry on and keep enjoying her dogs after her husband passes.

Healing of Discouragement

Discouragement eliminated! An artist's confidence is restored.

The Bible Impacts a Student's Performance

The Bible helps a student heal a headache and improve his performance in the class.

Relying On God For Strength, Health, And Confidence

Football proves to be an excellent proving ground for learning to rely on God for strength.

A Poor 12-Year-Old Girl Totally Healed Of Cancer

Cancer is healed! Check out this remarkable healing of a 12 year old girl.

Forgiving a Friend Who Has Betrayed You

Have you ever been betrayed? Learn how you can forgive and love again.

Trusting God Saves a Teen and His Dog During a Flash Flood

A teenager prays when he and his dog are swept down a flooding river.

A Quick Healing After a Serious Skiing Injury

After a skiing accident, a quick healing happens the day before the author goes to the Junior Olympics.

God Answers The Prayer Of A 7-Year-Old Boy

A boy's prayer about the pipes in his home was answered immediately, teaching him a lifelong lesson.

Teen's Healing of a Sprained Wrist

A teenager discovers how Bible stories are relevant to her life - and has an awesome healing of a sprained wrist!

Inspirations and Motivation for Piano Students

A piano teacher gets inspired to make a special project for her students.

Healing Family Relationships

A high school student describes how she was able to overcome her dread of going home and strengthen her relationship with her parents.

Healing of An Injured Arm

Feeling caught? You can be free! See how one man was healed after getting his arm caught in a laundry wringer.

An Angel Provided A Safe Place to Stay

God's care and protection is abundantly clear while traveling in South Africa.

A High School Student Prays About Friendship

High school student, Caroline Savoye, shares how changing her thought and turning to I Corinthians 13 healed a broken friendship.

God's Word and God's Care

After getting hit in the mouth with a golf club, a boy has an beautiful healing.

Relying on God Resolves Personality Conflicts

Rachel Crandell describes how relying on God helped overcome personality conflicts and obstacles in order to give her 2nd grade class the opportunity to help save a tropical forest.

The Prayer of Jabez and Training a Difficult Horse

The prayer of Jabez helps a horse trainer effectively work with a difficult horse.

Being a Peacemaker Altered a Difficult Situation

Focusing on God's presence makes a tense situation become peaceful and friendly.

Healing of Severe Injuries

Knowing God is all helps heal some severely injured indigenous people in South America.

God's Protection from Thieves

The Ten Commandments provide a strong basis for resisting an attempted robbery in Central America.

Blessed are the Generous

A little boy learns to be generous by willingly giving his Christmas money to tsunami relief.

Family and Adoption

Deep longing for a child leads to adoption - and inspiring lessons are learned along the way!

A Two-King Christmas

A Christmas sermon blesses a woman throughout her whole life.

A Precious Gift

A grandmother's complete faith in God uplifts a very tough situation, when doctors thought the author's mother and sister had died during childbirth.

God's Protection in Vietnam

Major General Rob Ostenberg recounts how listening to God's guidance during the Vietnam war saved his life.

A Police Officer Learns Love and Forgiveness

A policeman shares how he learned to be forgiving and compassionate at work.

Jaw Straightened, Wisdom Teeth Healed

A woman shares a dental healing she experienced and the truths she discovered in the process.

How Prayer Helped School Children

Mary Michael shares a Bible passage that helps her work with children effectively.

How Do You Know God Exists?

Roberta Meyers describes God's love, care, and attention through His beautiful world, which is around us.

How Prayer Helped Alison Inches Write Designs and Doodles: A Muppet Sketchbook

When faced with the seemingly impossible task of writing a book in eight weeks, Alison Inches turns to God.

Separate the Tares from the Wheat

A professor shares how they used the parable of the tares and the wheat to bring out the good in his/her students and begin to enjoy teaching again.

The Value of Light

Roberta Meyers shares her insight on "walking in the light" and thriving just like a tree.

Feelings or Trust?

An individual shares their experience dealing with emotions and feeling distant from God.

Healing of a Bee Sting

A nine year-old shares the hymns and lessons she used when a bee stung her.

Healing of Stress

Kerri Henderson Martina shows how helpful Scriptures are in dealing with stressful situations.

The Prodigal Son - A Girl's Favorite Story

Here are some insights about the biblical story of the prodigal son.

A Horse Calmed

A boy uses his faith to calm a spirited horse instead of selling it.

A Young Girl's Thank You Note to God

Check out a seven year old girl's thank you note to God, expressing her gratitude for all He does for us.

Bible Verses Help With Holiday Stress

Bible verses can help you relax, refocus on what's important, and remember to make room for God this holiday season.

Effects of a Car Accident Healed through Prayer

Uplifting ideas Paul expresses in the Bible provide comfort after a head-on car crash.

Getting Into College

The concept of mind helps a man ace his IQ test and get into the University of Michigan.

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Trusting God heals an injury and solves a neighborhood dispute.

Basketball Injury Healed

Perfect love heals an ankle injured while playing basketball.

The Lord's Prayer — Answer to 9/11

After the 9/11 attacks, the Lord's Prayer is incredibly comforting.

Psalms and Bible Stories Bring Healing

Find out how one girl used the Bible to quiet her thought after being cut by broken glass. She likens her experience to that of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego.

Is God Everything? A Boy's Question

A graduate student answers the question, "Is God everything?"

God Guides Two Teenagers

After getting lost in the desert at night, two teens make it home safely, with God's guidance.

Roberta Meyer's Dog is a Reminder of God's Love

The quest for the perfect dog demonstrates that God takes care of us in every aspect of our lives.

Psalm 46:10 Helps a Camper

After getting lost in the woods, a young camper relies on God to lead her safely back to camp.

Laryngitis Healed through Prayer

Prayer heals laryngitis the day of a woman's big concert.

A Widow Finds Comfort

Roberta discusses how some psalms and proverbs that continue to comfort her after her husband's passing.

A Young Girl's Healing at Camp

At camp, trusting all-powerful God heals a rib injury.

Reliance on God Heals Painful Bump

A young man shares the healing of a growth on his foot and the powerful realization that accompanied it.

Child's Ear Ache Healed

A nine-year-old is introduced to the Bible through the healing of an earache.

Rob Miller Trusts God with His Career

Rob Miller tells how God helps him pursue his dream of becoming a screenwriter.

A Young Girl Prays for Her Brother

The Bible and the Ten Commandments help an eight year old heal her brother of a fever.

Gratitude Helps Find Missing Passport

A woman prayerfully gives gratitude to God - and soon finds her missing passport!

Healing of a Sunburn

What do you do when you get a sunburn? Pray! An eight year old tells her experience.

Economic Crisis Averted

Prayer inspires a family to thrive, even during a difficult recession.

God's Care and Help with Chicken Pox

Chicken pox - gone!

Relying on the Lord's Prayer for Safety

While being held hostage by a guerilla, Meggenn Watt prayed with the Lord's Prayer.

A College Senior's Healing While Wrestling

Wrestling with a healing? Check out this wrestler's perspective.

Help with Bee Stings

Bee stings disappear after a boy whole-heartedly focuses on the 91st Psalm and other Bible verses.

God's Help With a Dog Bite

One fourth-grader shares his healing of a dog bite by applying Jesus' Sermon on the Mount.

God's Direction

Listening to God makes a difficult career decision easier.