Healing for an Owner and a Horse

A horsemanship teacher, decided to see an impatient horse owner as patient. His attitude changed, as did his relationship with his horse.

By Laura Christie, Bozeman, MT

Categories: Guidance

For the past thirty years, I've been working with horses -- showing, riding, training, rehabilitating. My most recent work is what I call Topline Horsemanship, using a stretch and release technique, which helps the horses get rid of pain and brings health and healing to the horses and their owners.

I've witnessed quite a few healings, many of which deal with the mental qualities or temperament of the owners, who were sometimes impatient, frustrated, or angry. The mental atmosphere of the owner is really important because it directly affects the horse.

There was one particular change that occurred with a man when I was open to seeing this man as God sees him. This man was extremely impatient and rough with his horse. It was hard for him to see how to relax and ask the horse to do things in a soft manner. His frustration was always in the way.

One day, I decided that I wasn't going to accept that he was a frustrated man. I decided to believe and trust that he is governed by God. As a result of being made in God's "image and likeness" (Gen 1:26), he couldn't, in reality, be short tempered or unhappy. Rather, he could be patient with his horse.

I kept seeing him in this way for days. When he came back to check on his horse, there was a giant change in him. I saw the difference, and so did the horse. I wasn't the one who changed him. There was divine intervention. The divine Truth leavened his thinking, which enabled him to be patient. It was amazing. God was working through both of us.

When we get gems of clarity, personal growth can come overnight. If you want to grow, you have to examine yourself. God will make clear what needs to be changed and how to change it. God's care for us causes real spiritual growth.