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Harmony at Home

How do we establish and maintain harmony in our home?

How Do We Find the Right Path?

How do we know we're making the best decisions? It's not always easy.

Prayer - The Best Self-Care for Parents

To parent effectively, we've got to take care of ourselves. How do we do this ... and find the time?

Our Children Are Not Our Enemies

Our children's outbursts are a cry for help. How can we move closer right when we want to move away?

Moved by Love, Not Anger

Ever gotten angry about your child pushing boundaries? You're not alone. But there's a better way.

Happiness and Peace

How can we help our children be happy? Use the Beatitudes: "Blessed are the peacemakers!"

Father, Forgive Them

Jesus' final words on the cross expressed healing power of Love and set the standard for all of us.

Lovingly Parenting Anyone Who Needs It

Trusting God, our primary parent, who simply, purely, wholly loves every single one of His children, we are able to help any child of God in times of great need.

Moving Forward with New Perspective

Focusing on God brings a comforting perspective of God's tender care for us in all situations.

Gratitude is Riches

A dad writes a letter of gratitude to his parents.

Parenting and Spiritual Poise

Spiritual poise helps us realize that God is the true Father and Mother of our children and ourselves which assists us in responding to each situation with love.

Change is Good!

Turning to God opens our thought to new ideas and actions that help us respond to change with a sense of peace and confidence..

Handling Disappointment and Discouragement

A young son illustrates a loving way to deal with disappointment.

Gratitude and Love Lead the Way

Glorifying - expressing and reflecting - God is satisfying, refreshing, full-time work. Being grateful and actively loving is one fast way out of the pit of self-centered discouragement and apathy.

Be Your Best

The start of a new school year presents a prime opportunity to help our children learn this life-lesson and begin to prove it again and again and again!

The Essence of Summer

Summer reminds us to enjoy life, moment by moment, as we center our attention on God.

Forgive From the Outset

Let's think about Christ in relation to parenting. Jesus' words remind us to be (and that we can be) compassionate and non-judgmental in our interactions with our children.

Isaiah 54:11-14

Isaiah assures us that God keeps His Word - and that each of us can be at peace right where turmoil appears to be. The more we know "of" God, the more peace will reign and all sense of turmoil will fade away.

The "Do It Now" List

What can be done to improve our relationships? The unequivocal answer is to be much more willing to follow our Master's example: to love; to love more; to love more than anything else; to love ceaselessly, consistently, persistently, and, most of all, selflessly.

Change is Hard

Knowledge and trust in the Almighty God. Knowing God and trusting God are guaranteed to prevail against fear and its sidekick, resistance — two of the harshest critics of any inclination to change.

Giving and Receiving

The time leading up to and through the holidays is perfect for family discussions and impromptu conversations about giving and receiving.

Rejoice Evermore! and "Pray Without Ceasing"

Gratitude, regular prayer, and sticking with the spiritual facts of God's goodness are just a few of the ways we and our children can pray without ceasing and rejoice evermore.

God IS and We DO Know Him!

Family is an arena full of opportunities in which to find and to feel God. Take the time — make the time! — to talk together about what God is. These conversations will teach parents as much as children.

We Are All Safe - "The Beloved of the Lord"

As parents, the Bible shows us how to address feelings of fear and concern for our loved ones — and for our fellowman?

Living a Whine-Less Life!

By staying focused on the good and the true, in accord with the nature and laws of God, we'll have no trouble living a whine-less life!

Packing for Summer Adventures

The peace of God carries us into and through all adventures — big or small, planned or unexpected.

Tragedy Cannot Separate Us From God's Love

The tragedy at the Boston marathon, turns a mother to God's everpresent and constant Love for her sons as they wait in lock-down in their college dormitories.

Parenting is Homeschooling

Amy Sparkman share how homeschooling taught her to rely on God's guidance more and more with each passing year!

Spring, Passover, Easter

Springtime includes special celebrations that reflect different traditions. Every child should understand the historical nature and distinctiveness of spring, Passover, and Easter.

Lessons in Love from the Prodigal Son's Father

In the story of the prodigal son, the father's unchanging, consistent, and enduring love for his son in all circumstances are a role model for loving our own children with patience, persistence, compassion, flexibility and fortitude.

Sustaining the Spirit of Christmas

As we start a new year, can we feel God with us? Are we 'living, moving' and 'having our being' in God? As a family, make a list of wonderful active words that remind and help each member of the family to express the Christ all year long.


This Christmas let's take time to truly enjoy the holiday season and appreciate the spiritual meaning of Christmas.

Thanksgiving — Giving Thanks!

Giving thanks means doing something — it invites an expression of gratitude. Thanksgiving is a time to show our genuine care and love for everyone in our lives.

To Let — A Higher View

To "let go and let God" is an act of participation, not retreat. It's to get out of God's way all the while affirming that God is right here, operating, governing, adjusting, dissolving being God.

List-less Living

Learn to let go of a preconceived agenda or master list of things that must be — will be — done, and trust the Almighty's disposal of events, day by day, moment by moment.

Reaching Out to God for Help

How do we pray when someone we love is in trouble? We turn with all our hearts to a loving, good, protecting, and healing God. We listen and we humbly follow and trust.

One Ever-Present Parent — God!

The underlying framework for how to parent well is the Bible. Turn to God as the most resilient, reliable, and ready source of answers to all parenting questions. God parents us all — child and parent, alike.

Father's Day

The more we come to know God as our one, consistent and everlasting Father, the more we will see and feel all the good and wonderful fathering qualities in our lives.

A More Effective Way to Study

When we "study to show (ourselves) approved unto God," we gain a more spiritual view of our relationship to God, and we are precisely guided to prepare and fulfill tests, exams, projects and papers.

Now Is the Only Time

A tanglble sense of God-with-me, God-with-us, is proof of our constant at-one-ness with divine Love, of being encompassed and animated solely by Spirit — right now, and now, and now…

The Lord is Our Shepherd

As we work at becoming acquainted with God, we will see all the different ways in which our Shepherd is caring for us — giving us just what we need to solve a problem or meet a challenge.

Keeping Our Thoughts and Words Aligned with God

God is as close to us — as available, present, committed, and connected to us — as our thoughts and words. Acknowledging this spiritual fact lets God guide all our interactions with others.

A New Year, A Renewing Promise

As we set goals and envision how to achieve them, we should first affirm our spiritual heritage because in that affirmation lies the promise of God's constant care.

Sharing the Spirit of the Christ

The perfect gift touches the heart and fills the soul. It comes from the giver listening, praying, and responding to each recipient's need to feel the presence of the Christ.

Lists of Blessings

Gratitude lists are less about specific "things" and much more about the idea or essence of each thing. Gratitude is love-in-action — and 'tis always the season for that!

Knowing the Difference Between Right and Wrong

If we don't commit to living by a moral code, we are compromising our individual and community integrity. The Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and the two great commandments are relevant guides today!

Back to School, Back to Basics

Paul's wise words are a great way to start off a school year: "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (II Timothy 2:15)

The Lens of Gratitude

Family time presents wonderful opportunities to spend true quality time together and to refresh ourselves with grand spiritual views. Through the lens of gratitude, we see more clearly the goodness that underpins our lives.

Trusting the Fatherhood and Motherhood of God

Each new adventure our children embark on can teach the entire family to better understand God as Father-Mother — always there, always protecting, guiding, and caring for each and every one of us.

Fathered Everyday!

How many different ways are we fathered every day, even if our own dad isn't present? Everyone's life includes the qualities of a good father — strength, wisdom, discipline, shepherding…love.

Let's Celebrate Motherhood

True mothering is much more than extraordinary human effort to just "be there." It is based on the recognition that God is Love, and man (male and female) is the expression of that Love — is Love in action.

Challenges and Decisions!

God leads us to the answers to all of the doubts, questions, issues, decisions, and challenges that appear to undermine our unwavering trust in His constant care.

A Month of Healings

Jesus' healings provide inspiration and guidance for all time and for each of us. All we need to do is follow in his footsteps. Make a family study of Jesus' healings to discover and feel God's love and power right here, right now.

Simply Love

Perfect love is pouring forth, no matter what. It's bubbling up inside us, nearly bursting to be expressed. And it leaves us feeling wonderful and ready to express divine Love every day.

The Best New Year's Resolution

Putting God first helps us maintain a balanced life. Jesus' Sermon on the Mount is full of "how to" ideas for respecting oneself and others — for living compassionately, purposefully, and productively.

The Spirit of Christmas

The true spirit of Christmas is expressed through a love that's straight from God. It knows no bounds, it has no boundaries, and it keeps on giving. Try a different kind of countdown to Christmas this year!

The Importance of Expressing Gratitude

Why take or make time to express gratitude? Because without it, we might be tempted to doubt goodness or how long good will last. Gratitude fills the heart with light and joy — enough to conquer any doubt!

Exercise Your God-Given Dominion!

Exercise is not just about stretching the body. In fact, it's all about stretching our thinking — breaking down self-imposed limits and discovering that we can always do more and do it better.

Tranquility in the New School Year

With a deep and abiding sense of peace and harmony, we can all rise to meet every challenge without being overwhelmed, discouraged, exhausted, frustrated or bewildered. Instead, we can rest assured of the power of God.

Biblical Examples

The Bible gives numerous stories of individuals and nations, who forget their identity, until God reminds them of who they are and leads them back to peace and prosperity.


He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways. This verse is a guaranteed promise, and it blesses anyone who is yearning for solutions at home or school, on the job or the road — anywhere!

The Value of Being a Good Father

Fathering (and mothering) establishes a standard in the mind of the child that is based on Love and Principle. This standard of righteous living then guides the child in daily actions and decision-making.

God is Mother

Knowing God as a tender, ever-present, ever-attentive Mother affirms what it takes to be a mom, what it means to feel mothered, and how we — each one of us — can feel God's constant mothering.

Cultivating the Garden of Our Heart

In honor of Spring's promise of renewal and rejuvenation, let's cultivate the garden of our heart so our thoughts (and, therefore, our actions) radiate the beauty and goodness of God.

Biblical Valentine's Day Cards

This Valentine's Day, connect qualities to Bible characters, and then create cards to let others know what qualities they express that you most appreciate, and tells them how much you love them!

Change Needed — or Stuck in the Mud?

How can we make real changes in our lives? Consider the Bible story of Saul/Paul to better understand the benefits and blessings of making lasting changes in our lives.

Sing Along for Christmas Joy

Sing the story of Jesus' birth. As you read the Nativity story, think of carols that relate to each part of the story. Often there's more than one carol to sing, but all of them make for a joy-filled family time!

Psalm 23 — It's Time to be a Sheep!

In Psalm 23, God is shown to be our guiding Shepherd, and we are His sheep. Each verse describes the very specific and wonderful ways in which we are constantly and tenderly shepherded.

Oktoberfest at Your House!

A "fest" is a joyful celebration any time, anywhere. Explore different types of fests that are Bible-based and fun opportunities to put good thoughts into action. Learn how to "feast" on God's goodness!

Opposition...Good or Bad?

Solutions to any opposition can be found by looking at how Nehemiah rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem. If we're opposed to evil and have a "mind to work," we can overcome any opposition.

O' God, Change Me So That I Can Love Them Better!

When we ask God to change us so that we can see the beauty, goodness, and holiness God created, wonderful things happen to our relationships with our children — with everyone.

The Summer Adventure of Psalm 8

Refer to Psalm 8 to find ways to integrate nature and outreach into a more exciting and enriching summer. We can reflect God's brilliance in all we do — in new ways and in more ways.

Establishing a Healthy Home

The most effective healthcare system for your family should include assurances from the Bible through countless instances of God's love, which overcomes health problems and fears.

Doers Do Deeds!

Teaching youngsters to be "doers" as well as hearers is an important lesson in compassion, life skills, and balance. Plus, a doer of the work "shall be blessed in his deed."

What's Your Family Motto?

A motto is what one stands for, and what one aims to emulate or achieve. As your family grows in God-inspired graces, finding a motto can be an enjoyable and helpful activity.

More than Chocolate Bunnies

Easter means much more than a basket of candy! It is symbolic of the Jewish Passover and of Jesus' history. And, Easter has great relevance for mankind today.

The Love Quiz

Share with youngsters ideas about love in action - not just on Valentine's Day, but year-round. Keep your love strong, active, consistent, no-matter-what. And never forget: RILY!

The Blessings of Change

Changes for the better can be effortless, giving family members dominion over career moves, homework, sports, relationships, fears, stress, the economy, bullies, and even terrorists.

A Story for All Time

The living qualities of the participants in the story of Jesus' birth made them witnesses of a heralded birth -- one that changed the course of history and still leads humanity to a better life today.

Kids and Nature

God gives His children (young and old) dominion over all nature, His perfect creation. Dominion can mean "connected to" and "compatible with." Our families can be in tune with the great outdoors.

What's in Your House?

We all have ideas/attributes/possessions that are hidden away in our "house." And these hidden assets are vital to ourselves -- to our well-being -- and to that of our family.

Living the Ten Commandments

Outdated, boring, archaic, and useless — is that how your youngsters might describe the Ten Commandments? Join in the discussion of why these basic commands for better living have lasted for centuries.

So The Dog Ate Your Homework?

Here are some common kid excuses each followed by a pertinent scriptural selection and ideas on how you can make your parenting responses reasonable, helpful, and healing.

Your Own Summer Games

Here are several Bible-related games that can teach valuable life-lessons while you have fun together as a family. Summer is a great time to develop a child's appreciation for the Bible.

This Topic is a Killer!

Let's commit to spending as much time praying for peaceable solutions to problems as we spend on arguments, confrontations, wars, killing, and death. Eliminate the casual use of the word "kill" today!

Get a Job!

Finding a summer job might be a challenge, but it starts with praising God daily for the ability and opportunity to work, to learn, to refine skills, and to benefit all humankind.

Message from a Mystery Man

We don't know his identity, but we do learn from his message of some of the best ways to establish and maintain harmony in the family and in life generally. Listen and enjoy!

Down in the Dumps?

Discouraged? Take a look at Paul's life to learn practical ways to overcome "the dumps" by finding the lessons to be learned from each challenge. Practice Christly thinking and replace discouragement with joy!

Rules for Fights!

What can a parent do to prevent fights, solve fights, figure out what is worth fighting for, and even eliminate fights? Express wisdom, expect creative solutions, honor God, and be invisible to evil.

A Letter about YOU

If you were a letter, what would that letter say? We are writing our letters each day. Each of us has the spiritual sense to make our personal letter a shining example of Christliness.

Gifts for the Christ Child

In celebration of the Christ child's birth, join in a family activity to offer gifts from the heart to one another and to others. These might include gifts of peace, comfort, love, forgiveness, and joy.

A Month of Gratitude!

Generate a daily family discussion of reasons for feeling grateful. A list of questions is provided to start the conversation. Gratitude expresses our love for God every day!

Blessed at School

With school and sports starting up again, parents will want to help youngsters keep their priorities in line with family values. Consider the rewards for living in conformity with the Beatitudes.

Morning Messages

Take a moment to write down a Bible verse on a slip of paper or notecard, and tuck it into your child's lunch box, backpack, or wallet. These discrete messages can pack a punch of inspiration at just the right time.

A Treasure Hunt

Ecclesiastes is full of wise advice on how to attain the best in life — all of which starts with putting God first. See how many verses you can find that remind us of the true substance of a good life.


The Bible is full of name-calling! Take a look at Psalms to learn nicknames for God, which give us a clearer picture of God — and of ourselves as His image and likeness.

A Fathers' Day Story about Two Sons

The story of the Prodigal Son sheds light on fatherhood as much as on the role of two very different children. It relates to all of us, parents and children, because God is our ultimate Parent.

Celebrating Motherhood

Hannah is an outstanding example of mothering qualities and abiding grace! She trusts God to care for both Samuel, her absent son, and herself, a long-distance mom.

Hatred vs. Humility

Hatred played a major role in the days leading up to Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection. But, humility had the larger part: Jesus' example is for us all to prove daily.

It's Baseball Season

Find a long list of Bible verses to share with your children that prove the maxims of baseball not only true, but also quite relevant to our daily lives!

Talk is NOT Cheap

…ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people;…." These are essential topics to explore in conversations with our children every day.

Cate's Game

See how many words ending in "cate" you can make and figure out how they relate to the Bible! Educate, eradicate, vindicate, adjudicate, communicate, lubricate…and many more!

Angel Gifts

A gift given to a worthy cause in a child's name is a wonderful way to expand on the true meaning of Christmas, and to introduce the joy of giving as much as of receiving.

Loving God with Vigor

Loving God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength is a vigorous order! Consider different ways that this commitment can change your attitude, your perspective, your whole life.

Time to Buckler Up!

Take hold of the shield and buckler, and stand up for mine help. Instill in youngsters the importance of "taking hold" and "standing up" for God's help — and trusting God to keep you safe!

A Priority Project

A top priority as a parent is helping your youngster understand his innate spirituality as a son or daughter of God. It is so important to make time in our day for family Bible study.

Every Child is Gifted

God, who is unbounded wisdom, gives this intelligence to all His children, not just some. We must each claim the gift and our "giftedness." It begins with knowing our God-given heritage.

Paul — A Friend for the Summer

Paul gives us much to think and pray about, change and do, ways to act with family and others we meet, and guidelines for how to have a more satisfying summer closer to God.

Summertime Safety

Bible stories tell of overcoming every fear. How comforting it is to know that God loves and nurtures each of his children in harmony, joy, perfection -- with complete protection from harm.

Camp One-A-Days

One way to connect with your youngster each day of summer camp is to send him with a packet of envelopes, one for each day, that contain supportive Bible messages.

Acting Up is OK!

Acting out the roles of different Bible characters associated with the week leading up to Easter is a wonderful way to help children learn the deeper lessons of Holy Week. Have fun acting up!

Why Should I Forgive?

Learn how to change "Shame on you!" to "I forgive you!" Bible verses help us understand how and why it's so important to forgive rather than to hold a grudge.

Valentine Love

It's the perfect time of year to make a family study of I Corinthians 13, which is a clear message about love, caring, and charity. BibleWise provides 14 lessons wrapped up in a Valentine hug!

The Ten Commandments, Always New and Fresh

The 10 Commandments are a perfect reminder at the start of a new year of the basic principles for a good, happy, productive life. Discover new meaning and inspiration through family discussions.

A Month of Gifts

The gift of Christmas can come any time! Celebrate the coming of the Christ child each week as a special family time to explore the full Christmas story. Consider ways to honor Jesus all year!

THANKS come first!

Following Jesus' example, we can learn to give thanks before receiving a gift or a blessing. Thanking God first is proof of our trust that God is always with us. Take this month to give more thanks than ever!

Fear Versus Confidence

Let's look at Bible characters who faced their fears and overcame big challenges. There's no better way to solve our problems or confront our fears than to be assured of God's presence and power!

Be More Responsible!

Responsibility is a "plus" for both parents and children — it's not something to resist but to strive for diligently. The Bible includes helpful guidance on how and why to be responsible — as well as the blessings it brings!

The Back-to-School Blues

How can parents support their children in the learning process? Setting an example of life learning, study habits, and balance between academic and spiritual learning is a good way to begin.

Family Summer Reading

A great family activity is to read the Bible together during summer vacation. Maybe pick up a more modern translation of the Bible to help promote understanding and discussion.

Lessons from a Little Boy

Reading the story of Samuel together, families can share in the adventure as well as gain helpful insight to values and character traits from which all of us can learn.

Gardening with God

Learn subtle lessons from the garden that stem from themes found in the Bible. The Bible is filled with horticulture and the beauty of nature.

First Things First

The Bible includes helpful ideas on how to prioritize the events of each day. Here are five topics that will help focus your family on what is important. Parents and children, both, will benefit from timely reminders to put first things first!

What Are They Learning?

Research shows that one of the weakest areas of learning is in the field of religion, morals, and ethics. Since religion is the basis for moral and ethical behavior, it's a good topic with which to begin.

The Bible and Bullies

Standing up to bullies, keeping our composure in the face of aggression, finding the words and actions that let us be both principled and loving — these are our goals when faced with bullying.

Ants, Prizes, and A New Year

Looking ahead to the new year and striving to achieve specific goals — what a great way to establish good habits and gain the prize of a purposeful as well as happy life. Proverbs offers wise counsel to all ages!

The Greatest Gift

For our children to understand the essence of Christmas, parents must instill in them the meaning of Jesus' great gift — the gift of love that embraces the world. Consider new ways to give to those in need this year!

The Grateful Chain — Thanksgiving

November and the Thanksgiving season are a perfect time of year to make a family grateful chain. Encouraging our children (and ourselves!) to express gratitude is an essential part of family life. Build gratitude into each day!

Beloved Child, Beloved Parent

God loves every single child always and forever. This love is not dependent on a youngster's intellect, activities, or behavior. It leads the parent to guide the child rightly and tenderly, and the child to respond properly and confidently.

The Power of Praise

Praise is a great parenting tool! While a grumpy, complaining person is focused on what's wrong, a praiseful person is open to good as ever-present. Sing your praise through a psalm you write, just as David did!

Exciting Reading!

Establishing good reading habits is a parenting "must do"! The Bible is full of great stories to read, discuss, and become so familiar with that we can turn to them for inspiration and guidance.

Playing In The Streets

The freedom of summer should include a freeing sense of safety in terms of where our children are and what they're doing. Let's help our children know the peace and security of living in God's "peaceable kingdom."

Forgive and Forget?

Holding grudges, getting even, mean responses, never forgiving - these build tension in any home. Teaching forgiveness will bless your family's way of life now and going forward.

New Beginnings

New beginnings require trust in a child's ability to make wise decisions, choose good friends, and remain safe in God's love. Prepare for future events by considering the helpful truths in Psalm 139.

Words of Wisdom

Teaching our children the meaning and significance of religious terms is essential. Words have power, and misunderstanding can lead to confusion and fear that should be clarity, peace and confidence.

Staying Home from Sunday School is Not an Option

Turning to God for answers will become natural and enjoyable for a child as long as the parent establishes clear expectations and habits for learning and growing spiritually. Not to learn CANNOT be an option!

Making Valentine's Day Extra Special

Discover ways to bring more true love to your family! Make "Be My Valentine" a time to better understand God's?great love for all mankind. The real message in the Bible is to love God with all our heart!

Goals for a New Year

A goal is an achievement that requires effort or dedication. It is nice to know that "with God all things are possible." Goals help us determine how to spend our time, and how to give to others.

Keeping Christ in Christmas!

Keeping the Christ in Christmas is the best gift of all. It makes for a holiday that is filled with peace, comfort and joy, and meaningful gifts. There are many ways to share the true meaning of Christmas.

Triumphing over Teasing

We can rejoice in our God-given freedom from untrue labels and labeling tactics. Jesus reminds us that we're in good company when persecuted, but he also expects us to triumph over evil-doing.

Keeping the Sabbath Holy!

Sunday is God's gift to man! What do you do to keep it holy — to honor and respect God? This article is full of good ideas to get families started on a new weekly tradition.

Thou Shalt Not Steal!

Borrowing of the wrong sort is based on the feeling that one's own needs are not being fulfilled. But, God loves and supplies His children with exactly what they need when they listen to Him and respond.