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Nimo Patel (Part 3)

Hip-hop Musician, Humanitarian, Part 3-God and Music

Nimo Patel (Part 2)

Humanitartian, Hip-Hop Musician, Part 2 - Paying It Forward

Nimo Patel (Part 1)

Musician, Humanitarian, Part 1-A Life-changing Focus: Service Or A Life Transformed - to Serve

Jim Anderson

Opera Singer-A Blessed Life with Singing

Christi Lupher (Part 2)

Christi Lupher, Software Engineer turned Full-Time Mom-Walking through the Wilderness: Trusting God to Supply All Needs

Christi Lupher (Part 1)

Christi Lupher, software engineer turned full-time mom-It's God who Does the Work, and It's Complete!

Gina Harden (Part 2) - Depth of Faith

Gina Harden, the 7th woman Navy diver, was part of history, salvaging parts of the ironclad USS Monitor. And more...

Gina Harden (Part 1) - Diving and Salvage Officer

Gina Harden was awarded the Bronze Star for "Meritorious Service" in 2009 as she took care of 2,000 Navy Sailors in Afghanistan. Kindness and diplomacy were the key.

John Lupher (Part 2)

John shares insights on creating successful partnerships, giving, overcoming limitations, working with bureaucracies.

John Lupher (Part 1)

For John Lupher, successful entrepreneurship is about committing to personal growth, finding the Infinite within, and practicing unconditional happiness.

Villamans - God Leads Every Adventure, Living Abroad for a Year

Not every family lives abroad for a year. But the Villamans did. And God led them all the way.

Kelsey Griswold-Bacigalupi

Kids' Korner Guest, Kelsey Griswold-Bacigalupi, a Golden "Athena" Medal winner, shares how she stands up for what is right and is a peacemaker.

Chris Jackson - President of Samuel Jackson, Inc.

Chris Jackson shares how he learned the Samuel Jackson business through tough times, practices the Golden Rule in a surprising way, removes distractions like Nehemiah, values gratitude as essential, and more.

Nancy Humphrey Case

Nancy Humphrey Case wrote Simple Prayers for people of all faiths (or no faith) to help people feel closer to God. Find out how she's followed God's lead.

Sarah Bell - Retired Librarian

Serving others and following the Golden Rule are necessary for success in life, claims Sarah, who served as a librarian.

Joanne Otto (Part 2) - Academic Language Specialist

"You are a song like no other song God has ever sung" Joanne writes in "The You-Song", inspired by her work with children struggling with dyslexia.

Joanne Otto (Part 1) - Author

Joanne Otto recently wrote Daughter of Jerusalem, a novella about a young girl's life-changing contacts with Jesus during his stays in Jerusalem for the holy festivals.

Christi Savoy (Part 2) - Educator

Find out how Christi helps children overcome fears, feel good about themselves, and learn from mistakes.

Christi Savoy (Part 1) - Educator

Christi Savoy, an elementary school teacher, shares how she supports the purpose of education - building character - by using the Golden Rule and refusing to label students.

Jeanne Sparks, Horsewoman

Jeanne Sparks talks about the heart connection with a horse, how true communications happens mentally, how horses and people communicate through body language.

Jeanne Sparks, Piano Teacher

Jeanne Sparks's insights from 30+ years as a piano teacher apply to all walks of life - how to quiet the noise and listen, work through mistakes, acknowledge what's good, pray and find answers.

Mike Ritter - Former Executive, Never a Victim

Mike Ritter got out of gangs, overcame economic hardships, and became the president of a major cable TV company. He never saw himself as a victim. There's always a choice.

Lori Doutrich (Part 2) – International Woman

Lori Doutrich has learned a lot about living in God's kingdom as she and her family move around the world every two to three years with the Foreign Service. Find out how she's turned to God for her children's friends and schools. Be helped by insights she's gained about her identity and purpose as she looks for new jobs. Learn why she loves the embassy community and living abroad.

Lori Doutrich (Part 1) – International Woman

After a violent mob attacked the US Embassy in Tunis where her husband worked, Lori was evacuated to the US with their children. Living in a hotel apartment apart from her husband, Lori has been reevaluating life and home. Healing from the experience has not been easy, but she's found peace through prayer. Read about her experience.

Amy Sparkman – Homeschool

Amy Sparkman, private school teacher turned homeschool teacher, has two sons attending top notch universities and a third who is high school age. Her desire to nurture their individual strengths motivated her decision, enabling her to provide a very rich and well-rounded experience for them. Find out how she did it.

Pastor Teresa Smith – Director of New Pathways Ministry

Pastor Teresa Smith decided not to keep her story of abuse secret. Her life changed. She found solidarity and healing. She's also been able to help individuals and churches that are struggling. Find out why she believes that telling our stories gives others hope and healing.

Laura Christie – Horsemanship Teacher

Laura explains how to restore health to problem horses and bring joy to their owners. 'The magic of connection with a horse can create a current of transformation in a person,' she says.

Claudia Fountain (Part 2) – Musician and Music Teacher

Claudia faced rejection and succeeded. She's not a starving musician. She teaches violin and stringed instruments in public and privately. Find out how God has supplied all her needs.

Claudia Fountain (Part 1) – Musician and Music Teacher

Claudia shares how we overcome limits and gain freedom when we let go of control and know God is the performer. Progress comes when we 'go for it' and let Spirit inspire us.

Julianne Hinkel (Part 2) – Facilitator for Pathfinders

Julianne shares how she prayerfully prepares for her work with prisoners, takes Jesus' non-judgmental message to heart, stays open, and sees these 'prodigal sons' lives change.

Julianne Hinkel (Part 1) – Facilitator for Pathfinders

Julianne helps prison inmates so they can re-enter society successfully and permanently. Find out how forgiveness, facing their pasts, trust, decision making, transform their lives forever.

Olene Carroll – Bible Researcher and Tour Leader to Bible Lands

Find out how saying 'Yes' to God shaped Olene's career as she lived in Rome and Athens, researched Bible history and lands, became a tour guide, and shared insights.

Jessica Clark – Racecar Driver

Jessica Clark, is a teenage racecar driver, and she's good. She's a young woman in a male-dominated sport. During our interview, she shares how she got into racing and why she likes it. She explains how she prays and how her prayers help her handle the competition, drama, and intensity of racing, including crashes.

Lynne Bundesen – Author

Lynne shares her discovery of the feminine nature of God as Mother, which comes directly from Biblical text. Read on to learn about women of the Bible and the Christ.

Adam Messer – Management Consultant

How does establishing a spiritual foundation help us work successfully with others? Does God take us all the way in business and life? Find out how Adam's experience answers these questions.

Brad Knickerbocker – Staff Writer and Editor for The Christian Science Monitor

40 years journalism experience has given Brad valuable insights on prayer regarding terrorism and political strife, the 'tares and wheat,' successful journalism, and more.

Jessica Morse – International Relations Specialist

Find out how Jessica's reliance on Bible inspiration helped her return from a war zone unscathed, comfort others, be safe from threats, witness life transformations, and more.

Daphne Selbert (Part 2) – Dean of Library

Find out what Daphne Selbert experienced working in the United Arab Emirates at a university for women -- how she got to know and appreciate them, their culture and religion.

Daphne Selbert (Part 1) – Librarian Living in Iran

Find out what Daphne Selbert experienced working in the United Arab Emirates at a university for women -- how she got to know and appreciate them, their culture and religion.

Sally Johnston – Volunteer in Africa

As a volunteer teaching English in Tanzania, Sally Johnston saw joy in the people despite their hardship of AIDS, poverty, abuse, loneliness. Find out how she also helped change their lives.

Nancy Higham – Retired Educator

Learn why teaching students responsibility, respect, creativity, and how to solve real-life problems, overcome limitations, and meet high standards is so important to Nancy Higham, retired educator who ran her own school and taught in public, charter, and international schools. And find out how she did it!

Mark Publicover – President and Founder of JumpSport

Mark Publicover invented the first commercially successful safety net enclosure for trampolines. Learn how God's angels guided him in founding JumpSport. Discover how Mark and the company overcame personality conflicts, unfair business treatment, lawsuits, loss of money, and more.

Ridley Pearson – Best-Selling Author

Ridley Pearson writes both popular suspense crime novels and YA/children's books. Find out why listening to thoughts, getting rid of 'ego,' and letting God lead are important to him. He also shares what he's learned from collaborating, how the Bible helps him, why he left the music world to become a writer, and helpful advice to 'wannabe' writers.

Andy Hill (Part 2) – Director, For Goodness Sake

Andy Hill explains how he found himself running a bicycling touring company. He also affirms that the solutions God provides are always peaceable and inclusive. Read on to discover his insights regarding how to deal with those who are angry and why it's important to him to see all people as God's children.

Andy Hill (Part 1) – Director, For Goodness Sake

Andy Hill shares how FGS and he provide a supportive environment for people to discover more about their own spiritual identity. Read on to learn why Andy feels experience is more important than knowledge. He also shares his insights on the transforming power of the Christ, prayer in decision-making, and the need to change from within to change the world.

Desiree Goyette – Singer/Songwriter

Grammy-nominated Singer/Songwriter Desiree Goyette, shares how the Bible has inspired her music and her life. She believes it's vital to follow your bliss. She also explains the importance of rest and silence, especially for multi-taskers; what she's learned about collaborating; how prayer helps her succeed in meeting challenging goals; and much more.

Rabbi David Louis – Teacher, Writer, Lecturer

Rabbi David Louis is a teacher, writer, and traveling lecturer on the Kabala, metaphysics, and the Old Testament.

Brooks Anderson – Oil Painter

Brooks Anderson, Oil Painter, shares how the beauty and grandeur of monolithic shapes and ideas from the Bible inspire him to create healing paintings. He explains how light is ever-present in his experience; how he successfully prays to overcome financial challenges; how teaching painting has opened him and helped him artistically; and more.

Sean Hanser, PhD. – Marine Biologist

Marine Biologist Sean Hanser, PhD., shares exciting discoveries he's made about humpback whale and animal communication, why he looks for spiritual principles in science, how (as a scientist who believes in God) he views evolution, why it's important to appreciate the uniqueness of all God's creation, and much more.

Dr. Rocco A. Errico – Minister, Aramaic Bible Scholar, Author

Dr. Rocco A. Errico is an ordained minister, Aramaic Bible scholar, lecturer on the ancient Near Eastern biblical Semitic culture, and author of Bible commentaries, who continues the work he did with Dr. Lamsa. Learn from insights he's gained – how the Bible is a reflection of people's concept of God, which Jesus totally revamped; how God is purely loving; how the Aramaic unlocks the Scriptures; and much more.

Michele O'Donnell – Author and Founder of Living Beyond Disease

Michele O'Donnell, author and founder of Living Beyond Disease, was a pediatric nurse when she discovered the Bible and spiritual healing. After her and her daughter's lives were transformed, she opened a healing center to help change others' lives. She shares her journey and her conviction that everything can be healed when we feel God's overwhelming Love and Mercy.

Bud Krogh – Attorney and Author

Bud Krogh, Attorney and Author, talks about how, under President Nixon's direction to stop further leaks, he authorized the 'Plumbers' to carry out a 'covert operation,' what insights led him to take responsibility for and plead guilty to criminal conspiracy, how Bible passages and stories buoyed him in prison and trial, how he conquered fear, why integrity is so important to him, and how he's trying to help others make ethical decisions.

Kathryn Nymoen – Voiceover Artist

Kathryn Nymoen, Voiceover Artist, emphasizes the importance of having no sense of ego; explains how the words 'Sing God' directed her career, which enlivened the Bible; shares how discovering she's God's loved child rid her of fear and guilt, healed the pain of losing her brother when she was a teenager, and more.

Jim Miotke – President and Founder of BetterPhoto

Jim Miotke, President and Founder of BetterPhoto shares how God has helped him create and maintain his online photography school and publishing website; lead him successfully through betrayal and theft of intellectual property, competition, financial challenges; and bless him with a beautiful sense of abundance and family.

Kathleen Arnold – Rope Works Office Manager, Mountain Climber

Kathleen Arnold, Rope Works Office Manager and Mountain Climber, shares how relying on God has kept her and others safe while working at height on ropes. She also discusses the importance of commitment and equanimity, how she found her job and helped her company grow, and why she likes climbing.

Lisa Graff – General Manager, Intel Server Platforms

Lisa Graff, General Manager, Intel Server Platforms, shares how bringing a spiritual perspective to work, finding the good in others, and prayerfully refocusing her job goals has brought her peace and success in difficult technical and management situations.

Susan Bates – Attorney

Learn why Susan Bates, Attorney (who fights for consumers' rights), thinks it's vitally important to 'agree with your adversary,' to see others' perspectives, to refuse to react to attacks, to stay focused, to maintain credibility, and more.

Dave Osborn – Former Professional Windsurfer

Dave Osborn, former World-Class Professional Windsurfer, stopped competing at the height of his successful career. Find out what motivated his decision personally and professionally, how his life goals have changed, and why leading a selfless life is so important to him.

Mark Tousey – Private Venture Capitalist

Learn why Mark Tousey, Private Venture Capitalist, believes humility is important in business and finance -- and how he learned this the hard way; how he's maintained integrity in cases when bribery was the norm; what characteristics he looks for in entrepreneurs he's considering backing financially; and more.

Devon Burr – Planetary Geologist at the SETI Institute

Discover what insights Devon Burr, Planetary Geologist at the SETI Institute, has to offer about the nature of reality; the similarities of scientists and spiritual thinkers; the evidence of God in her work as she looks for life in the solar system; the way she meets the demands and challenges of collaboration with other scientists; and more.

Immaculée Ilibagiza – Author and Speaker; Genocide Survivor

Immaculée Ilibagiza, survived the 1994 Rwandan genocide, living in a bathroom for 91 days in silence. Learn how she came to know God, found her prayers answered, discovered what it means to forgive, loves and forgives freely, and is sharing her story with others.

Mimi Osborn Combs – Equestrian Athlete and Trainer

Learn about Equestrian Athlete and Trainer, Mimi Osborn Combs' journey to the 1996 Olympics and Burghley Int'l during which she overcame obstacles (accidents, unfair treatment, disappointment) by letting go of her own plan and letting God guide her life. Learn, too, how she trains horses and riders for top-level competitions.

Hank Richter – Western Artist

Discover why Western Artist (and former ad agency owner) Hank Richter, thinks editing is so important to art and life, why putting something down on paper helps us engage in the creative process, how we can gain confidence in ourselves and share our talents, how an artist is successful, and more.

Cathy Raffles – Owner, President Creative Confections

Discover how Cathy Raffles, maintains a family-friendly business; encourages employees who are affected by gangs, drugs, and educational hardships; sees the good in everyone, which has healed industry-related problems; and looks at her business as a blessing.

Haley Henderson – Ballet Dancer

Haley Henderson, professional ballet dancer since age 17, believes discipline is essential to growth; how she's overcome jealousy and maintained her morals through love; how turning to the Bible and cherishing her relationship with God keeps her safe; and more.

Sandy Wilder – President and CEO of Communico Ltd.

Sandy Wilder, President and CEO of Communico Ltd. and former pro soccer player, helps corporations create cultures that serve both employees and customers. He also explains the importance of finding our purposes, living within the divine order, serving others, and more.">

Sara Hunter – Children's Book Writer, Producer

Sarah Hunter, Children's Book Writer, Producer, connected with the Navajo Code Talkers to write The Unbreakable Code; how God's direction was evident when she produced an adoption documentary; what spirit she is trying to convey through her creative work; and why she believes that blessings do abound.

Caryl Waller Krueger – Child Development Specialist, Author, Bible Researcher

Caryl Waller Krueger, Child Development Specialist, Author, Bible Researcher and Lecturer, has been able to write family life books, lecture, share healing insights on the Bible, overcome grief, and reach out to others in need.

Rachael Ownbey Gariano – Interior Designer

Rachael Ownbey Gariano, found her career niche in Interior Design; how God has helped her work through feeling burdened and stressed and balance school, work, and marriage; and why she turns to the Shepherd for direction.

Wendy Mattson – Artist and Author

Wendy Mattson is a nationally recognized watercolor artist who is also an author on painting. She explains how listening to and following God's direction has been the key to her successes. She also talks about how she approaches her subject, how her art has challenged her, how she's changed and progressed as an artist, how she's overcome challenges, and how she's balanced her art and family life.

Jean-Claude Estevenin – Industrial Designer

Jean-Claude Estevenin, is an Industrial Designer who designs airplanes for VIPs world-wide. Seeing God as the only creator has helped him realize there are no limitations, even when problems arise with designs, customers, deadlines, time-zone differences, etc.

Ray Villaman – Restaurant Owner

Ray Villaman, Restaurant Owner (Fireside Pizza Co.), shares insights regarding true responsibility, effective management, respect, confrontation, different views on customer service, charity, mistakes as opportunities for growth, the effects of trusting in God, and more.

Alexandra Salomon – Director of Sales and Online Business Development for The Christian Science Monitor

Alexandra Salomon, Director of Sales for The Christian Science Monitor, shares insights from her work in the Internet industry and as a nationally-ranked skier about feeling God's protection and direction, overcoming limitations, letting her light shine, and leadership.

Scott Farmer – Executive Director in Derivatives at UBS

Scott Farmer, Exec. Dir. in Derivatives, UBS, explains the importance of listening to the 'still small voice,' expressing the strength of love, and having moral integrity while he creates products amidst noise, stress, and emotionalism on the world's largest trading floor.

Peggy Shays – Writer, Mother, Businesswoman, Actress

Peggy Shays has had many careers in her very long life: currently a writer, mother, and great-grandmother; formerly an actress, teacher, businesswoman, and more. Her stories reveal her ability to count her blessings despite hardships. She also shares insights into parenting, marriage, and living life.

Laurance Doyle – Astronomer with the SETI Institute and President, PlanetQuest

Laurance Doyle, Astronomer with the SETI Institute and President, PlanetQuest, shares his views on extraterrestrial life; his exciting discoveries about animal communication; the spiritual concept of creation; and the importance of inspiration and intuition in problem solving, the sciences, and all careers.

MaryEllen – Artist

MaryEllen Dohrs, Artist, shares how inspiration from the Bible, her desire to make things, and her concept of art as a way of seeing have shaped her career -- as the first woman in industrial design, to inventor, to sculptor and sculpture teacher.

Madelon Maupin Miles – President of Milestones, Inc.

Madelon Maupin Miles, is President of Milestones, Inc., a Leadership Development Consulting Firm. She explains that she turns to the Bible continually for inspiration on how to communicate with her clients; help them become more effective executives, leaders, and team players; and see them in God's image.

Maya Dietz – U.S. Foreign Service Diplomat

Maya Dietz, a U.S. Diplomat in the Foreign Service, talked about her experiences while she served in Rwanda -- working to build relationships, communicate through the language barrier, and write the human rights report; living among people who trusted God to fulfill even their basic provisions; proving herself as a woman; seeing the need for and the benefit of forgiveness in the reconciliation process; and following a career based on her desire to serve, which was motivated by Jesus' words and actions.

Dave and Sue Oakes – Co-Directors of the Center for Ecological Living and Learning (CELL) and the Alternative Energy Institute (AEI)

Dave and Sue Oakes share how their love for mankind took them to Africa and impelled them to start CELL, providing abroads for college students to work in communities to implement environmentally sustainable solutions. They also discuss the importance and blessings of unselfishness, harmony, commonality, and spiritual conviction.

Janet Horton – Retired Army Chaplain

Janet Horton, retired Army Chaplain, served our country for 28 years, during which she helped 9/11 casualties at the Pentagon, gave briefings on the terrorist mindset, taught ethics, and overcame resistance as one of the first women chaplains in the Army. She continues to use her hands to do God's work as she relies on the Bible for inspiration and healing.

Tommy Vardell – Managing Director for Northgate Capital and Former NFL Player

Tommy Vardell, is Managing Director for Northgate Capital and a former NFL player. He explains how dealing with competition and personality issues on the football field prepared him for business, how listening to God and praying unselfishly is important for success, how he learned that real satisfaction comes from God, and why he never took legal performance enhancing drugs.

Alex Cavalli – Deputy Director of a Think and Do Tank, Physicist, Actor

Learn how Alex Cavalli found his way into performing John's gospel and Paul's letters, what he learned about the life of Jesus, how he changed careers from physics to business, how he collaborated to invent the first Internet search engine, and how he found that God's love lifts us out of difficult situations.

Julia Wade – Singer and Performer

Julia Wade, Singer and Performer (who has fused opera, theatrical, pop, and folk styles), succeeds in a very competitive career; how teaching music affected her life; how she prepares as an artist, deals with competition, and defeats self-doubt. Also learn how the Bible has inspired her latest CD, 'Upon The Mountain.'

Peter Link – Composer, Record Producer

Learn how Peter Link, award-winning Composer and Record Producer, survived the ups and downs of the business, why he writes inspirational music and doesn't have writer's block, what he's working on now, and advice on how to make it as an artist.

Thor Johnson – Owner of Boondoggle Sports

Learn how Thor Johnson, owner of Boondoggle Sports, succeeds in two full-time jobs -- turning to God, remaining calm, being passionate about his work, taking ownership, being a leader, finding rest.

Dr. Rod Barto – Engineering Consultant, SDE: Spacecraft Digital Electronics

Learn how Dr. Rod Barto was led by God throughout his teenage, college years, and career; learned to trust God's voice; and has used the story of Nehemiah to overcome difficult challenges.

Rachel Crandell – Retired Teacher, President of Monteverde Conservation League U.S. (MCLUS)

Rachel Crandell, retired teacher, President of the Monteverde Conservation League U.S., and author puts the Golden Rule into practice by taking care of our environment, protecting a Costa Rican rain forest, and helping others

Bob Moline – Songwriter/Composer/Singer

Bob Moline, Songwriter/Composer/Singer, shares his insights, explaining how artists (everyone) can look beyond themselves, persist, and trust God to give them what they need. He also talks about his work with Disney, the Psalms, and other music.

Alison Inches – Children's Book Author

Alison Inches, Children's Book Author. Learn how she prayed to God for guidance in dealing with antagonistic colleagues, finding good ideas, and starting her own career as a writer.">

Major General Rob Ostenberg (Part 2) – U.S. Army Reserve

Major General Rob Ostenberg, U.S. Army Reserve, shares how he joined the Army during the Vietnam War, how he turned to the Bible and relied on God, and how God led and protected him throughout his service and career.

Major General Rob Ostenberg (Part 1) – U.S. Army Reserve

Rob Ostenberg, a Commanding Major General for the Army Reserves, explains his leadership role and the Army's effect in Iraq, emphasizes the importance of values.

Dick Davenport – Founder and Director of Higher Ground

Dick Davenport, Founder and Director of Higher Ground, shares what it means to be a model of faith, the role of grace and love, and how he helps students discover how God values everyone.

Dale Michael – Retired World Book Executive VP and Psychotherapist

Discover how Dale Michaels, Retired World Book Executive VP and Psychotherapist, learned that success is not in money but in helping others and has used 'love thy neighbor' throughout his life.

Mary Michael – Career Volunteer

Volunteer, Mary Michaels, has made giving to others her career. Learn how inspiration from the Bible has enabled her to help others change their lives.

Sharon Kay Moore – Co-Owner and President, Sunraay Electric, Inc.

Learn how partnering with God helped Sharon Kay Moore, co-Owner and President of Sunraay Electric, Inc., be a pioneer as a woman in a man's world.

Pete Williams – Director of Engineering Processes

Pete Williams shares how setting goals, establishing values of trust and respect, and working with individuals compassionately helps him manage people effectively.

Terry Coolidge – Computer Graphics Lead at Cyan Worlds, Inc.

Terry Coolidge, Computer Graphics Lead at Cyan Worlds, helped create the CD-ROM game 'Uru: Ages Beyond Myst.' Learn how he has relied on Bible stories to guide him throughout college and his career.

Manette Fairmont (Part 2) – Award Winning Artist

Learn about being unique, overcoming rejection, and connecting with God to find one's own artistic voice from National Award Winning Artist and Gallery Owner, Manette Fairmont.

Manette Fairmont (Part 1) – Award Winning Artist

National Award Winning Artist and Gallery Owner, Manette Fairmont, explains how she overcame limitations and how real art comes from being connected with God and is inclusive.

Jerry Farmer (Part 2) – Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Farmer provides his insights into law and describes how passages from the Bible steadied and guided him as he determined the direction of felony cases and tried complicated murder cases.

Jerry Farmer (Part 1) – Prosecuting Attorney

Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Farmer explains how his study of the Bible helped him make decisions throughout his career and prosecute misdemeanor and felony cases.

Susan Wright – Custom Publishing Editorial Director

Sunset Custom Publishing Editorial Director, Susan Backus Wright, reveals how God-given communication and direction, creativity, freedom from limits, and a strong work ethic help establish a successful career and a good working environment.

Shannon Miller (Part 2) – Most Decorated U.S. Gymnast

Olympic and World Champion gymnast, Shannon Miller, shares more insights about overcoming fear, handling pressure, setting goals, and trusting God.

Shannon Miller (Part 1) – Most Decorated U.S. Gymnast

Shannon Miller, Olympic and World Champion Gymnast (and author, speaker, coach, and law-student), describes how her faith and inspiration from the Bible has helped her overcome challenges growing up as a gymnast and still helps her today."

Steve Alford – District Manager, Drilling Company

Steve Alford, District Manager for one of the largest drilling companies in the world, describes how knowing the Bible prepares us for handing all types of 'real life' situations.

Peter B. Allen – Pianist, Composer, Publisher

Pianist, composer, and publisher Peter B. Allen reveals how the Bible helps him as a performer, provides a basis for his compositions, and gives his music a lasting appeal.

Rob Miller – Screenwriter

Rob Miller reveals how inspiration from the Bible has influenced his writing, helped him overcome challenges, and shaped his career.

Helen Ostenberg Elswit (Part 2) – Independent Visual Effects Producer

Visual Effects Producer Helen Elswit, shares how prayer and gratitude helped her deal with the death of her father, fulfill her needs, understand self-worth, and remove societal and educational pressures and limitations.

Helen Ostenberg Elswit (Part 1) – Independent Visual Effects Producer

Discover how Helen Ostenberg Elswit, prayed and relied on the Bible to guide her career from law to film.

Meggen Watt – Foreign Affairs Officer

Discover how Meggen Watt, relies on the Lord's Prayer as she works for the State Department with Russia and other countries on a nonproliferation initiative.

Dr. Claudia Alexander – Research Scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Dr. Claudia Alexander has a Ph.D. in Space Plasma Physics, yet some of the most useful teachings she's used at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory have been from the Bible: the teachings of Moses, Elijah, Christ Jesus, St. Paul, and St. John.