God's Care and Help with Chicken Pox

Chicken pox—gone!

By Truett, age 6

Categories: Health

One day I got the Chicken Pox. I sometimes scratched my chicken pox because it really itched. Even though I couldn't go to a few of my classes, it wasn't too bad. My mom and my dad prayed for me really, really hard, and I prayed too. I prayed that all is well and that I couldn't be a bad object of evil. I know that I'm good, the way God made me. I thought about all the prayers that I know and all the things I learned in my Sunday School class. I really, really, really prayed for my chicken pox to stop itching and go away. Pretty quickly it didn't itch anymore, and a few days later the spots disappeared. I learned that God was taking good care of me all the time.