Aching Muscles Healed

When you work hard at something, you sometimes feel tired. Find out how easily this feeling can be challenged by turning your thought to God.

By Claudia Fountain

Categories: Health

The threat of injury and tiredness is a concern to musicians. There's a common worry about the effects of holding up an instrument for hours on end. Many of us also drive long distances to play. I regularly drive back and forth between Marin and San Jose, CA, on the same day for orchestra rehearsals and performances. Sometimes I even work morning, afternoon, and evening both Saturday and Sunday. We're called "The Freeway Philharmonic." The media even followed around several of my friends who play in regional orchestras and produced a documentary about their lives and work experiences.

All the playing and driving wears on your muscles, fingers, hands, shoulders, elbows. Rather than worry about fatigue and injury, I like to think of the Bible verse, "I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me" (Phil 4:13 KJV).

Recently, I was playing in the Monterey Symphony, struggling with aching muscles. I decided to declare this verse the entire time I was playing. I think I actually started saying it after hearing it at church that morning before I went down to Monterey. As the performance progressed, instead of getting worse, I felt like I was getting more relaxed, and the aching muscles warmed up. By the end of the set on Monday night, I felt much better than I had throughout the week I had been preparing for the concerts and rehearsals.

I was doing what I was supposed to do -- playing the music to the glory of God. I had more freedom. I was able to combat fatigue and prove that I could find rest in action and activity with God. I was refreshed and renewed. I didn't need several days of down time from my violin to heal tired shoulders or aching fingers.

I am very grateful for the wonderful Bible verses about how others in ancient times overcame human aches and pains by turning to God for support and rest.