Walking with Love

At camp, Tabby learns that God is with us every step of the way.

By Tabby Kemnitz, age 11

Categories: Guidance, Health

At camp, my group was hiking. I was doing great. I was at the front of the group, and I was having plenty of fun! Then we were climbing over this big rock, and my ankle slipped. At first my ankle wasn't hurting at all. Then I felt my ankle give out, and I fell. The fall didn't hurt me that much, but my ankle was KILLING ME!! My lips were quivering, and I cried slowly and softly.

Then my wonderful "camp family" and my awesome counselor, Brian, came up to me and asked, " Oh, Tabby, are you okay?!" Brian told me to sit down with him; he told me he'd help me through it. So we sat down, and the rest of the group went on without us.

Brian asked me where it hurt. Sobbing, I told him it was my right ankle. Then he asked me, "Where does God come into this thought of a hurt ankle?" I said, "He doesn't." Brian said that God made everything perfect and that even my ankle was perfect, even though it really hurt. At that point, I knew everything he was saying was true, but I couldn't get myself to believe it. Two minutes later, I was still crying on his shoulder and hugging him.

But as he stayed with me and comforted me, I felt love just warming me up. Soon, I totally forgot about my ankle! I told him I would like to try and finish the hike. He was okay with it, so we got up and we walked about three steps. Then EVERYTHING in my path was blurry!! I told him and immediately asked to sit down.

I laid my head back and prayed. I told God that I didn't like feeling like this, and I wanted to STOP feeling this way!! Brian prayed with me. I felt God's love. Soon, I felt well enough to try to catch up with everybody else. I was feeling about 25% better; my ankle wasn't hurting as much. Then as Brian and I were walking (very slowly), I slipped. Now I had a bruise, but it didn't hurt. Brian helped me, and gave me his hand as I took more steps. Whenever I slipped, Brian was always there to catch me.

I finally made it to the other counselor who told me to walk up this road on my own. I told him I would try. I walked up this windy road and only slipped once. When I came up to everyone else, they were cheering for me and telling me that they were so impressed! I was so HAPPY!! We took some pictures and then went down the trail. I was still slipping a little, but I was singing, "I walk with love." I was completely healed when the hike was over.