The Value of Light

Roberta Meyers shares her insight on "walking in the light" and thriving just like a tree.

By Roberta Meyers

Categories: Abundance, Gratitude

We have a rubber tree - at least, I think it's a rubber tree. It's a palm-type tree that's been in our building here for years. I first noticed it in the old ladies' room, before the restroom was remodeled several years ago. It was by the one tiny window. It was a healthy-appearing tree, straight and beautifully green. After the remodeling, it was moved to a spot next to the doors of our fellowship hall -- on the east wall, right by a window, where it continued to thrive.

I noticed recently that it had been moved yet again - to a place on the west wall, near the missions' table. Sunlight never touches it now. In recent weeks, I have watched it slowly sag to the right, eventually bend over completely, and I would have seen it flop all the way down to the floor if the table hadn't been there for it to rest on.

The problem with the tree is that IT WAS MOVED AWAY FROM THE LIGHT.

I have been pondering this scene and am struck by how much I am like that tree. Sometimes I move away from the light, and when I do that, discouragement, discontent, and feelings of futility set in. Jesus said, "I am the light of the world" (John 9:5). In Psalm 119, God's Word is referred to as a "Light unto my path." Like that plant in our fellowship hall, I need to "remain in the light" if I am to be healthy, upright, and growing. I don't want to be spiritually droopy and weak....or JOYLESS (that, for me, always happens when I move out of the Light).

The wonderful thing I have to report is that, simply by placing the rubber tree back by a window, where it receives light, it gradually straightens out and is restored to health. The same is true with me; When I get back into God's Word, and spend more of my thoughts and activities each day on my purpose of serving God and other people, my spirit is lifted, enlightened, and my joy returns.

Are you walking in the light? Hope so.