A Man Turns To God, Helping His Become Company Profitable Again

A CEO learns that success comes from God and His blessings never end.

By Sandy Wilder, CT

Categories: Abundance

I am president and CEO of Communico, a business consulting company. Since we bought it from the original founder in 1992, Communico has consistently thrived, showing a profit. But when the recession kicked in, in early 2001, we had clients literally say to us, "We have no money for training." That was a first. After the first quarter, we found ourselves $200,000 in the red. That was a big number for a small company and the first time it had ever happened to us.

In May of that year, I had lined up a 3-day solo Vision Quest in the Canyonlands in southeast Utah. The short definition of a Vision Quest is that it is a time when you are alone in nature, thinking about the deepest issues in your life. I didn't eat for three days; I did have water. It is a time to yield it all up to God and listen for new answers. I went there with the intention of asking God, "How do I leap into my purpose more fully?" There were issues that I was completely turning over to God. One of my biggest concerns was the survival of the company. At one point, I opened my thought and my blank journal page to what Love had to tell me about this fear. What I heard came in the form of direct communication from God. I heard it in the first person and just took dictation. I got some incredible answers that I lived with, and gained some brand new insights. I quote:

"You have believed that your financial success has been dependent upon people paying you for your services. And that whether or not you experience abundance is dependent upon something outside of your control. You have believed and felt stressful and concerned that you won't have enough money to do what you would like to do."

"What you want to do is heal and teach and share Truth. Do you see how this story you made up keeps you from healing and teaching and sharing? [I had not.] You can't control Me, but you can control what you believe and how you respond and act."

"Understand that My channels for blessings are never closed. They are flowing eternally with infinite resources. All blessings come from Me, not from yourself or humans or money. Your ability to reflect Me is not dependent upon market conditions or economic factors. Helplessness, fear and doubt are not options. Stand in that."

"I have Communico. Every aspect of it is Mine. It always has been and always will be. I have it! I made the abilities and skills and ideas that Communico has used to bless. I provided you with everything you need to bless. All I do is bless, so I won't stop now."

"I am Principle, which means law. My law governs the universe, and I provide for my creation. My law is the law of Love, which bestows blessing on all. Your motives are pure and aligned with Mine. Your efforts are unselfed. They will be rewarded by Me."

"Your success is not dependent upon anything but Me. I am unlimited and govern the universe without lack. I am meeting your needs. Period. I have it. It is Mine."

From that moment, I knew all would be well. It felt completely natural to trust in the strength and logic of what I was told. I committed to being obedient to His message to me. Once my thoughts about the situation yielded to the truth, my feelings had no choice but to yield as well. What was once anxiety became confidence and peace.

When I got back from the Vision Quest, we took a look at our expenses and found much inefficiency that could be corrected. We also cut back on using independent contractors to do our course delivery, and actually found a number of clients that were committed to continuing their work with us. We ended up making money that year and every year since.

The peace and conviction from relying on our Father in this way is with me every day. We are clearly here to bless "through His channels of blessing."