Pneumonia Healed Instantaneously

God is always with us, surrounding us with Love.

By Mark Publicover, Saratoga, CA

Categories: Health

When I was young, I had a profound healing experience that had a dramatic impact on me.

I was struggling with a congestive problem (pneumonia) for a couple of days. My lungs were filling up with fluid, so I was having difficulty breathing. One night, I woke up choking and gasping for air. I tried to call out to my mom, but I couldn't. So I tried to get up to run to her because I knew she could help me. But as I started to stand, I began to lose consciousness. As this happened, I reached out to God with my all and said, "Father."

Instantly, I was in the presence of Love, utterly comforted and filled with this illuminating joy. And I had an amazing experience. There were all these people with me whom I knew perfectly, and we were all sharing in the Love that I knew was my Father-Mother. I don't know how long I was in that state of consciousness, but as I gradually became aware of being in my room again, I realized I was completely healed, completely free. There wasn't a vestige of anything. I was completely happy -- feeling all the energy of health that I could possibly feel. The healing came just at the morning light, and I bathed in the light of God.

Though I was just a kid of about ten, that spiritual sense of Love has stayed with me. As I was growing up, if someone in Sunday school ever said that God could even allow suffering to correct some immoral behavior or said anything slightly related to that, I'd come back with a definite response. I'd say, "That's not true…. No one can suffer in God's presence, and God is always with us, surrounding us with Love."

I had felt the Love that is God with certainty. I was healed by it. And that spiritual sense of divine Love has continued to be a healing presence in my life.