Dancing to the Rhythm of God

Boogie down! Dancing is a great way to express God.

By A Grateful Mom

Categories: Gratitude

Our family loves to dance. It was a surprise when we discovered that our little boy didn't have a sense of rhythm. He just couldn't get the beat of the music. I recalled that the Bible speaks about singing and dancing. The song recorded in Psalms says, "Let them praise his name in the dance" (149:3), and Ecclesiastes states that there is "a time to dance" (3:4). I reasoned that the Bible wouldn't ask us to do something that we couldn't do, and here we are asked to praise God "in the dance." 

So when we pushed back the furniture in the living room to make room to dance, I knew that our son would be included in the rhythm of our dance. My children and I often enjoyed dancing to many different types of songs with varying rhythms. With prayer, persistence, and lots of fun, our son began to move with the beat. 

He developed a great sense of rhythm and movement. He danced a lot during high school; in college, he was active in musical theater, dance productions, and he even wrote and performed a well-received rap about the decade of the '80s. And today, he and his family enjoy dancing in their living room.