God Forgives Mistakes

After an accident, God forgives.

By F.G. age 11, MA

Categories: Loving and Forgiving, Safety

One summer at camp, I was playing with some cabin mates. We were setting up a baseball game. When I was up at bat, the pitcher threw the ball, and the person who was picking up the balls was right behind me. When I swung the bat, I accidentally hit him. I couldn't believe it. I ran inside the cabin because I felt terrible for hurting someone. I was really scared.

While I was inside, our counselor came in to talk with me. The counselor told me that God forgives, that it wasn't my fault. The guy was standing in the wrong place. I felt really comforted. I felt that God was helping him help me. I knew that I needed to go out and comfort the guy I had accidentally hit with the bat. I went outside and said sorry to him. I felt much better. We got the same game going again, and I had a lot of fun. I really like baseball.

I'm very grateful that God was with the other boy, protecting him so he didn't get seriously hurt. I'm also very grateful that God was with me comforting me.