Healing of Eczema

Mike Ritter shares how a severe case of eczema was healed as he was able to see his purity, remove guilt for a bad business decision, and forgive himself.

By Mike Ritter, Lake Tahoe

Categories: Health

At one point in my career, my wife and I bought two businesses that we decided she would run as I closed out my job at the cable company where I worked. When we discovered that the businesses were misrepresented and would not bring in the promised revenue, I did some research and found a lawyer who was well-connected. We were going to have to go to court. He knew I had been a lawyer. After reviewing everything, he looked at me and said, "As a lawyer, how could you have ever put yourself in this dumb situation?" This was a lowest of low points. The whole guilt thing got piled on top of me. I didn't know if we'd prevail in the lawsuit.

I was already feeling guilty—that I was to blame for making this dumb thing happen with the businesses and for having to live apart from my family during this time. Then, too, I saw my wife become incredibly stressed and deal with physical challenges as a result. (Her challenges were healed!) And, a condition of eczema that I'd had when I was younger returned aggressively.

I prayed to remove the guilt and the blame of buying bad businesses. The story of the Prodigal Son was very helpful. The lost son finally understands his wayward ways and turns back to the father, who enthusiastically welcomes him home. What forgiveness and blessing! I knew I needed to forgive myself and see my purity—despite the situation.

The entire situation was so messy that there was no way humanly I could see how to resurrect it. I had to rely on God—the omnipresent God who could do anything: for "with God all things are possible" (Matt 19:26). What could not God do? Jesus said it was all the Father: "I can of mine own self do nothing" (John 5:30). The business situation not only got unwound, and we got out of debt, but I was offered an incredible job out of the blue. We were put into an amazing situation. God did it all. I did not do it.

As I found employment, the stress level of the bad situation went away, and so did the eczema. I saw my purity. My gratitude overflowed for God's ever-present goodness and healing power, inspite of the ugliest mortal scene.