Two Amazing Healingsof a Horse

All of God's creatures, including horses, are receptive!

By Mimi Osborn Combs, Charlottesville, VA

Categories: Health

There was a horse that we've had with us a long time. He became violently ill last Fall. He has owners who have insurance on him, so I had to go through the procedure of calling the vet and the insurance company. I took him outside so he wouldn't hurt himself in the stall. I knew I could pray for him.

The previous year, this horse had fallen over a fence (when my husband was riding him in competition) and had cracked three vertebrae in his neck. He didn't have any medical treatment because there was nothing the vets could do for him except confine him to his stall for 3 ½ months. So I prayed for him. He was an amazing patient. He knew he was stuck in his stall, so he stayed calm and quiet. Everything healed in a few months. The vets said he was ready to compete again. The outcome could've been the opposite. If he had let something spook him while he was in the stall, he could've wrenched his neck, which would've caused him to relapse or die. Though his healing was a slow one, with months in the stall, it still came about. And he was loved by everyone in the barn.

So, as I took this horse outside, I forced myself to look away. He was flopping around on the ground. Usually when this happens with horses, you have to try to make them walk so they don't seriously injure themselves. But this horse didn't appear like he could walk around. So I sat down on the ground with him and turned away from the problem. I didn't have a choice. I had to get rid of my fear because it appeared that this horse was going to die right in front of me. It looked like he was having a heart attack or something of that sort.

I said the Lord's Prayer, which begins, "Our Father which art in heaven" (Matt 6:9), right out loud. Then I started in with the 91st Psalm: "He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty" (Ps 91:1). I focused my thoughts on what I knew I could do -- pray. I thought about Lazarus and Jesus raising him from the dead.

Then everything turned around. The horse suddenly got up. He was covered in sweat. He looked at me funny and tilted his head, as if saying, "Maybe I'll eat some grass." I wondered if he should, but I figured if he was well, he could eat. It was an instantaneous healing.

I called the vets and told them that he seemed fine. But as they were already on their way, they came by to check him. They couldn't find anything wrong with him. They thought he had maybe choked, but that didn't really make sense. Usually stuff comes out of horses' noses when they choke, but nothing came out. They couldn't explain it.

Turning to God at the beginning was actually more for me because I got scared. I had to get rid of my fear that maybe he had re-injured his neck. Once I calmed my own fears, I was able to pray for him. I knew that he was cared for by God -- not by the vets, not by us at our farm. I think you can compare his healing to healings children have. Children are so receptive, they just tune right into you, right into God. I found the same receptivity with this horse and with other horses. You just don't limit them. And then you have healings like this, which are instantaneous.