Healing a Chihuahua Hurt From a Fall

Dogs can be healed, too! Check out this healing of a Chihuahua.

By Mollyanne Heather Neal

Categories: Health

I am Mollyanne, and I am eleven years old. My story is not about me but about my Chihuahua. I have two Chihuahuas; their names are Trixie and Bunny. When I first got Trixie, she was small enough to fit in a mug. I have some pictures to prove it! Bunny we rescued. She is black, brown, and white with brown eyes. She and Trixie were best friends at first sight! They are delightful play-mates!

One day I was taking my Chihuahuas outside. My mom was holding Trixie, and I had Bunny. My mom put Trixie down, and she immediately started running. Bunny wanted to play so badly that she leapt from my arms right onto the concrete floor! I thought I heard a crack as she landed hard on her shoulder. She started crying, literally. Tears streamed from her eyes and she yelped continuously.

I bent down and picked her up, quick. My mom rushed over and took her from my arms. "It's okay," she said to Bunny." You cannot be hurt or in pain. God is all and all. He made you perfect; nothing can hurt you." Bunny stopped yelping. My mom continued: "You are loved. God loves you. Everlasting arms of love are surrounding you. You cannot fall from God's care. You cannot fall from His love! Error is unreal. You are not hurt. You are not in pain. You cannot fall from God's ever-present love." Bunny's eyes stopped tearing. My mom continued. I watched, amazed. "You cannot fall. You cannot be hurt. God is here. Everlasting arms of love are always surrounding you." I remembered learning this in Sunday school. With that, she set Bunny softly down.

Bunny stood up and ran to go play with Trixie. She wasn't even limping! Later that day, we all (Trixie, Bunny, and I) fell asleep on my bed. When we woke up, we were all curled up next to each other. It was a very happy thing. The way Bunny got better so fast was so immensely amazing! It was so clear that God was right there, taking care of Bunny and watching over her. I thank Father-Mother God that she is okay. I know that He is always there beside everybody every moment of everyday (and night). This is true. I promise you.