Heaven is for Real for Kids

As told by Colton Burpo to his parents Todd & Sonja Burpo

Review By Casey Fedde

Categories: For Kids/Teens, Inspirational People

Heaven is for Real is one boy's story of his time in heaven. And it packs a powerful message: "Jesus really, really loves you."

Nearly-four-year-old Colton shares this message with children (and parents, too) in a beautifully illustrated book. As detailed in an introduction by his parents, Todd and Sonja Burpo, Colton's trip to heaven and back occurred during an emergency operation. After the operation, the Burpos were so moved by Colton's description of heaven that they compiled his experience in this book for kids, as well as in a longer version for adults.

In the children's edition, Colton tells of Jesus' tenderness and love and how his "eyes sparkle," and of the fearlessness and happiness of those he met in heaven. He also describes the angels, who are as "tall as giants" and always busy praising God and protecting people on earth. And he notes the many dogs, cats, elephants, and lions grazing in the green pastures of heaven. Since the watercolor illustrations were crafted under the direction of Colton, there seems to be as much to learn from the pictures as there is from the text - making this a wonderful book to read with young children.

The story also is paired with corresponding scriptures from the International Children's Bible that support and expound on Colton's description of heaven. One passage from Mark offers a welcome reminder: "You must accept the kingdom of God as a little child accepts things...."

Heaven is for Real teaches children - kid to kid - one perspective on what heaven is. As Colton says, "Heaven is for Real, and you're going to like it."