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Psalms are the most heartfelt songs we can imagine that represent every different occasion in life — moments of great joy and gratitude as well as moments of great sorrow and perplexity. In the Book of Psalms, you will find verses that will surprise you with their perfect fit with events in your own life at any given time. We can always turn to Psalms for inspiration — with a humility that yearns to know God better, to feel His tender presence, and, ultimately, to rejoice and praise God’s goodness.


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Projects and Activities
Writing Psalms - Students answer a series of questions to help them write                                a Psalm. This exercise can be customized for younger or                                older children.
  Explore the Book of Psalms - Find the longest chapter, the shortest chapter,                                                       and the midpoint in the Bible
Writing an Acrostic Psalm - In an acrostic Psalm, like Psalm 119, each of                                                   the verses started  with one of the letters from                                                   the 22- lettered Hebrew alphabet.
A "First Aid" Kit of Psalms - Create a list of Psalms to help children with                                                   specific problems
  Personal 23rd Psalm Books - Look at 23rd Psalm books created by a                                                        Sunday school class of 4th and 5th graders
  Sing a New Song for Your Life - Write your own new song as Psalms 96:1                                                           encourages
Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Coloring Page - Because the Lord is my Shepherd I have all I need
Break the Code - Decipher the Bible verses (all of them are Psalms)
Growing Strong in the Lord - Read Psalms 1:1-3 and then find your way                                                     through the maze to the stream
The Psalms—Songs to the Lord - Find your way through the maze of                                                               musical instruments
Psalm 107:1 - Match the leaf pattern to discover the Bible verse
Psalm 117 - This is the shortest psalm in the Bible. Write two things that
                        you praise God for.
Psalm 147 - Fill in the words from the Psalm and then find those objects in                        the picture
Psalm 148 - Fill in the words from the Psalm and then find those objects in                        the picture
God's Wonderful Care - Fill in the missing words from Psalm 91 and then                                             find those objects in the picture
Psalm 8 - Cut out the pictures and put them in the right place in the Psalm
Psalm 104 - Cut out the pictures and put them in the right place in the
What's Different Psalms - Find the differences between the two pictures
Psalms Question - David wrote two of his Psalms when he was
                                   "in the cave." Which two?
Online Interactive Crossword - Psalms
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)
  Psalms for Younger Children
     •  A Psalm for Giving Thanks
     •  A Praise Psalm
     •  The Shepherd's Psalm
     •  Shep and Lily - Psalms Written by our Readers
     •  Shep and Lily - Psalms Quiz
     •  Shep and Lily - David's Prayer Journal
  Psalms for Older Children
The Book of Psalms contains five hymnals.
  • Book one is Ps. 1-41;
  • Book two is Ps. 42-72;
  • Book three is Ps. 73-89,
  • Book four is Ps. 90-106, and
  • Book five is Ps. 107-150.

Look at the following Psalms:

  • 1 and 23 are about God as Teacher and Guide;
    • 8 and 19 are about nature. (book 1)
  • 47 deals with praise and singing,
    • 51, 55, and 67 shows how God helps us. (book 2)
  • 81 is another song of praise. (book 3)
  • 91 is one of great comfort;
    • 92 & 100 are hymns of praise;
    • 93 is about nature. (book 4)
  • 113, 136, and 150 are hymns of praise;
    • 119, 128, 139, and 145 show us how God is our help and guide. (book 5)
Living with the Bible
  Wendy Mattson shares insights she has gained from studying the shepherd’s role as revealed in the 23rd Psalm
  Haley Henderson, a professional ballet dancer, shares how the 91st Psalm helps her handle performing and personal challenges
  Bob Moline, Songwriter/Composer/Singer, set ten of the King James' versions of the psalms to music
  Wendy Mattson shares how turning to the 23rd Psalm during an art show healed her of discouragement and blessed her life
  Fantazya Kemnitz shares how praying the 23rd Psalm healed her of pain in her back
  Aaron Tice shares how he was healed of an upset stomach by turning to Psalm 23
  Roberta Meyers from the Yountville Community Church, shares Psalms and other Bible verses that have helped her deal with holiday stress
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - The Book of Psalms
  Bible Overview - Psalms
  Bible Overview - Psalm 151
  Mary Jane Chaignot answers aquestion about the “valley of the shadow of death”mentioned in the 23rd Psalm
Parenting with the Bible
  The Power of Praise, writing Psalms of praise as a family
  Name Calling encourages families to explore the Psalms and find many other names for God
  Camp One-a-Days, for each day your child is at camp send an envelope containing a comforting Psalm
  New Beginnings, Psalm 139 sets a standard for the new activities of summer and how to respond in a Christian way
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  Pray for the world; write and share a psalm
  Modern Day Psalms
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