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Unselfishness & Holy Land Tour

Hi, Kids! We have two great stories to read and talk about this month. One is the story of the “man with an infirmity” who patiently sits beside the pool of Bethesda, waiting for someone to lift him into the healing waters. The other is a parable that’s just two verses long, but it packs a punch! It’s a great reminder to be alert and listening for God’s thoughts, which come to us any time of day (or night!) – and we don’t want to miss them!

So, how do these two stories teach us about unselfishness, which we’ve been focusing on since January? (Can you believe it’s been seven months?) In terms of the first story, consider this: Have you ever pushed your way forward in order to get ahead and, along the way, ignored someone who could use your help? Jesus stopped when he saw the man lying by the pool. He asked questions about why he was there, how long he’d been there, and whether he wanted to be there.

Then he offered him the greatest help anyone can offer – complete healing. Isn’t that awesome! So how can we be unselfish like Jesus? Surely we can stop what we’re doing to talk with someone who needs help. We can remember that a smile brings light; kind words warm the heart; and healing thoughts can change a situation from bad to good in a flash.

And with the other story, the key to understanding the two-verse parable in Luke is to think about what a thief is. We have a special story this month, The Thief at Night, that helps us understand Jesus' message in this short and instructive parable. Have a great month!

Holy Land Tour

Are you all packed and ready for our last summer Tour of the Holy Lands? In order to get started on this summer’s journey, be sure to fill out your passports and get cyber-packed for the tour. Check the itinerary for June, July, and August. This summer we'll travel with Paul to Crete, Malta, and Rome.

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