Teaching & Study

Are you a Sunday school teacher creating a lesson on a specific character or topic? Or are you doing indepth individual study?

Kids Korner

Play online games, print puzzles and games, listen to a Bible story, read about Bible characters, and tour the holy lands.

Everyday Living

Articles, stories of healing, guest interviews, parenting features, and book reviews illustrate how the Bible helps us in everyday life.

  • Be An Angel: Show Others Their Greatness (Article) Will you be an angel and show others their goodness? Then accept your own innocence, too.
  • Gina Harden (Part 2) - Navy Dive and Salvage Officer, Depth of Faith (Guest) Gina Harden, the 7th woman Navy diver, was part of history, salvaging parts of the ironclad USS Monitor. And more…
  • Lovingly Parenting Anyone Who Needs It (Parenting) Trusting God, our primary parent, who simply, purely, wholly loves every single one of His children, we are able to help any child of God in times of great need.
  • Majestie by David Teems (Book Review) Explore the life of James Stuart, the 17th-century king, who was behind a literary translation of biblical proportions – the King James Bible. Author David Teems's "Majestie" is a witty biography of courtship and conspiracy, love and loss, that details not only the absolutist king but also the creation of his bible, which is still revered and read today.
  • The Christ Power in a Storm at Sea (Healing) John Lupher shares how sailing in a storm at night awoke in him the desire and commitment to learn more about the Christ power and spiritual confidence that calmed the sea.

For Teens

Read articles on identity and relationships, follow Q&A on a variety of topics, and be inspired to make a difference in your own community.

  • Welcoming 2017 with Unity and Peace (Make a Difference) Let’s shift our focus to unity, peace, and gentleness to face issues and problems.
  • I Am Enough (Identity) Can you say, “I love who I am, and I am enough!”? You can stop emotional bullying and love yourself.
  • What Are We Planting? (Relationships) What are we planting? Selfishness or service? Complaint or gratitude? We get out what we put in.
  • Finding Satisfaction (Q&A)
    I've recently begun to realize how much more I have compared to peers in less developed countries. With that said, I always want more. Why is this?