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Join us in our study of the Sermon on the Mount. May: Loving Our Enemies—Matt 5:43-48
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Today's Issues: According to the New Testament, is it better to be single or married? (1 Cor. 7:25-40) Parenting: Our children’s outbursts are a cry for help. How can we move closer right when we want to move away? For Teens: How can we love our “enemies,” those who hurt us? And why should we? Bible Study: Loving Our Enemies (Sermon on the Mount)
Bible Study: Exodus 4: Moses Goes Back to Egypt Kids Story: When Friends Act Mean, Keep Loving Kids Story: Love Even When Friends Hurt You Kids: Color the hidden letters - L,O,V,E - then color the picture.
Kids: Coloring page - Loving Our Enemies Kids: Place the green words from Matthew 5:43-46, where Jesus instructs us to love our enemies, into the puzzle. Kids: Match the Bible character with the person or people he or the army loved or cared for. Kids: Read Matthew 5:43-48, about loving our enemies, and then answer the questions.