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Teaching & Study

Are you a Sunday school teacher creating a lesson on a specific character or topic? Or are you doing indepth individual study?

Kids Korner

Play online games, print puzzles and games, listen to a Bible story, read about Bible characters, and tour the holy lands.

Everyday Living

Articles, stories of healing, guest interviews, parenting features, and book reviews illustrate how the Bible helps us in everyday life.

  • Our Plan or God's Plan (Article) You’re God’s inheritance, and just as sure as Jesus was resurrected, God redeems you.
  • God's Presence During a Tornado (Healing) Christi Lupher, a guest on our website, shares how she overcame fear in the face of a tornado … which calmed.
  • Christi Lupher (Part 1) (Guest) Being a mom is a blessing, but it can also be challenging. Christi Lupher shares how she was released from a sense of burden, and more.
  • The Quest for Mary Magdalen by Michael Haag (Book Review) Who is Mary Magdalene? Historian and writer Michael Haag is on a quest to find out by tracing her story through the centuries. "The Quest for Mary Magdalene" is a tour de force!
  • Father, Forgive Them (Parenting) Jesus’ final words on the cross expressed the healing power of Love and set the standard for all of us.

For Teens

Read articles on identity and relationships, follow Q&A on a variety of topics, and be inspired to make a difference in your own community.

  • Let Go of Ego (Identity) How do we deal with a superior attitude, which can be offensive and block healing and opportunity?
  • Paul and Women (Q&A)
    Did Paul really put down women? Many of my friends say he did, and they come back with passages that sound like it. But for some reason, I don’t think he did. What can I say?
  • Welcoming 2017 with Unity and Peace (Make a Difference) Let’s shift our focus to unity, peace, and gentleness to face issues and problems.