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Are there any Bible stories about calming people or relieving stress? For Teens: When was the last time you were alone, really alone with God? Try it...and see what happens. Parenting: To parent effectively, we’ve got to take care of ourselves. How do we do this... and find the time? Bible Study: Pray in Secret (Sermon on the Mount)
Bible Study: Exodus 5-6: Complaint and Promise Kids Story: Powerful Prayers from the Heart Kids Coloring Page: Pray in Secret Kids: Connect the dots to complete the drawings of Michael and Sarah praying to God.
Kids: Break the Code - God Knows Our Need Kids: On the lines next to each of the verses from Matthew 6:5-8, write down a few examples of what TO DO and of what NOT TO DO based on Jesus' instructions on prayer. Kids: Unscramble the letters in red to complete verse 5-8 from Matthew 6 where Jesus teaches us how to pray.