Teaching & Study

Are you a Sunday school teacher creating a lesson on a specific character or topic? Or are you doing indepth individual study?

Kids Korner

Play online games, print puzzles and games, listen to a Bible story, read about Bible characters, and tour the Holy lands.

Everyday Living

Articles, stories of healing, guest interviews, parenting features, and book reviews illustrate how the Bible helps us in everyday life.

  • Horse and Rider Trust God's Control (Healing) Nancy Humphrey Case shares how she learned to let go of control and trust in God while she worked with her young horse.
  • Nancy Humphrey Case - Author
    (Guest) Nancy Humphrey Case wrote Simple Prayers for people of all faiths (or no faith) to help people feel closer to God. Find out how she’s followed God’s lead.
  • The Legacy Journey (Book Review) Finances are personal, but there's nothing more intimate than consulting the Scriptures and talking finances with God.
  • Handling Disappointment and Discouragement (Parenting) A young son illustrates a loving way to deal with disappointment..

For Teens

Read articles on identity and relationships, Q&A on a variety of topics, and be inspired to make a difference in your own community.

  • Bible Study in Prison—God’s Love Resurrects Lives (Make a Difference) Nancy Humphrey Case leads Bible study at prison, helping inmates answer questions about God, and find God's Love and goodness.
  • Move Over, James Bond
    (Identity) Wish you were James Bond, another movie character, or even someone else? Comparisons don’t ever help, especially impossible ones. Read on to find out what does help.
  • Procrastination (Q&A)
    How do you stop procrastinating?