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  • The Best Way to Fit In (Article)
    Social media adds pressure for teens to fit in. Here are ways to help them fit in the right way. It applies to work, too.
  • Christi Savoy - Educator (Guest)
    Find out how Christi helps children overcome fears, feel good about themselves, and learn from mistakes.
  • Healing of Bee Sting (Healing)
    A 5-year-old girl is quickly healed of bee sting while swimming.
  • Daughter of Jerusalem (Book Review) In Joanne Otto's 'Daughter of Jerusalem,' 14-year-old Mara is captivated by the news that a young Galilean rabbi named Yeshua – better known as Jesus – is coming to Jerusalem. And she is on a mission to meet him, even if it means putting herself in danger.

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  • Use Tech to Spread Good (Make a Difference) Here are ways to use social media to appreciate and help others and stop the hurt.
  • Addressing Boredom (Q&A)
    I don't have much going on this summer, and I get so bored sometimes. What should I do?
  • Be Grateful, It's Healthy (Identity) Research shows that our bodies listen to our thoughts. So grateful thoughts improve our health. Find out how the Bible backs this up.


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