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Nehemiah's trust in God is so strong, he is able to lead a group of people in rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. Despite their enemy's temptations and attacks, they persevere and complete their mission.

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Projects and Activities
  Build Your Own Wall - Use sheets of paper to build walls of gratitude,                                          healing, attributes of God, or Bible characters
Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem - Read the story of Nehemiah and then                                                                    find your way through the maze
Online Crossword Puzzle - Nehemiah
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)
Read Nehemiah
     •  Nehemiah Rebuilds the Walls of Jerusalem (younger children)
     •  Nehemiah Builds the Wall (younger children)
     •  The King's Cupbearer and His Story (older children / teens)
     •  How the Walls of Jerusalem Were Rebuilt (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions

Parenting with the Bible

  Week 4 in the article Rules for Fights! discusses how Nehemiah was able to avoid fighting and stay focused on his work
Living with the Bible
  Dr. Rod Barto, an independent engineering consultant, shares how the story of Nehemiah has helped him turn projects over to God
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Nehemiah
  Bible Overview - Nehemiah
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  How do you balance sports and academics? A high school student shares how the story of Nehemiah helped him build his own "wall of goals" and meet them.
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