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Esther is a courageous young girl who becomes queen. When the Jews are about to be killed, she bravely admits to the king that she too is Jewish and asks him to spare the lives of her people. Her honesty and integrity are rewarded!

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Projects and Activities
Students Interview Esther - Dress up as Esther and let the students                                                   interview you to better understand the story.
                                                  This activity includes interview questions you
                                                  can print out for your students.
Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Coloring Page - Esther speaks to the King
Find the Difference - Esther is being crowned queen how many
                                      differences can you find between the two pictures
Esther: The Queen Who Saved Israel - Read the story of Esther and then                                                                        find your way through the maze
How Many Provinces - How many provinces were there in the kingdom of
In Prison - Answer questions about the two men who plotted to kill the king
Key Question - Name the wicked man in the book of Esther who hated
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)
Read Esther
     •  Esther... who helped her people (preschool children)
     •  Esther Saves the Day (younger children)
     •  Why a Proud Man Planned to Destroy all the Jews (older children          / teens)
     •  How Queen Esther Saved the Lives of Her People (older children          / teens)
     •  The Beautiful Girl Who Became a Queen (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions
Listen to Bible Stories (online)
  How Esther Saved the Jews (told by Mary Jane Chaignot)

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