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Jesus shared the Beatitudes in his Sermon on the Mount, the most comprehensive sermon he ever preached. Close study and pondering of these statements brings spiritual insight and strength today as much as when Jesus first voiced them.

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Projects and Activities
Teaching the First Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Second Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Third Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Fourth Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Fifth Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Sixth Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Seventh Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
Teaching the Eighth Beatitude by Jeanne Sparks
  Beatitude Mix-Up - Write one word from a beatitude on each index card, mix                                   them up, and have the students rearrange the words to                                   form one or all of the beatitudes
Shorts and Shirts - A fun art project to help memorize the Beatitudes
  Create Posters for the Beatitudes
Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Online Interactive Crossword - The Beatitudes
Coloring Page - Blessed are the peacemakers
Coloring Page - The Beatitudes
Beatitudes Equations - Teaches children to create their own "equations" to                                            help memorize the Beatitudes
Beatitudes Match - Match those who are blessed with their reward
Find the Hidden Qualities - A word search with words from the Beatitudes
How Are Your Attitudes Maze - Read about having attitudes of love, joy,                                                        peace, patience etc. then find your way                                                        through each fruit of the Spirit
Break the Code - Decode the message about peacemakers
Break the Code - Use the code to decipher the eighth Beatitude
Break the Code - (for younger children) Discover the sixth Beatitude using a                                 fun animal code
Beatitude Fill in the Blank - Fill in the missing words to complete each                                                  Beatitude
The Right Kinds of Thoughts Maze - Read about the right kinds of thoughts                                                                   then find your way through the maze
Beatitude Reflections - Draw lines to connect the Beatitude beginning with                                            its reflected ending
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)
  The Beatitudes
     •  Jesus the Teacher (preschool)
     •  Jesus Gives the Beatitudes (younger children)
     •  Jesus Preaches on a Mountain (younger children)
     •  Jesus Teaches the People (younger children)
     •  The Sermon on the Mountain-Side (older children / teens)
     •  The Twelve Disciples and the Sermon on the Mount (older children          / teens)
     •  True Happiness (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions

Parenting with the Bible

  The eighth Beatitude provides a springboard for discussion in Triumphing over Teasing
  Using the Beatitudes at school
Living with the Bible
  The Beatitudes helped Jerry Farmer in his job as a prosecuting attorney
  "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God," helps a young girl and her brother find healing
  Persecution's Reward shows how the Beatitudes comfort us amidst times unjust attacks or persecution
  Read how studying the Beatitude about being a peacemaker altered a difficult situation
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