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The age-old story of Noah and the Ark never ceases to inspire and delight young and mature, alike.

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Projects and Activities
  Noah Teaches Sunday School - An innovative teacher dresses as Noah                                                           and has lots of hands on activities for                                                           learning about Noah
  Create a Newspaper about Noah
  Build an Ark Out of an Old Shoe Box
(includes discussion questions and activities to add to the ark)
  Everything I Need to Know About Life, I Learned from Noah's Ark
Lighthearted observations that open the door for discussion at all ages on what we can learn from Noah's ark.
  Students Draw and Discuss the Qualities of a Rainbow
  Recreate the Story of Noah - Children role play and pray as if they were on                                                     the ark
Puzzles, Mazes, Coloring, etc.
Obeying God - Fill in the missing letter of each animal's name to find out
                           what happens when Noah obeys God
God's Promise - Cross out letters to discover God's promise to Noah
What Did Noah Find - Complete the puzzle and discover "Noah found favor                                          in the eyes of the Lord."
Help Noah Find the Animals - Take Noah through the maze to the animals
Noah's Zoo - Turn the letters in "Noah's Zoo" into animals that might have                          been on the ark
The Big Flood Maze - Read about Noah then help the animals find their way                                        to the ark
Coloring Page of the animals on the ark
Coloring Page of Noah building the ark
Homing Instinct - Follow the paths to help the dove find it's way back to the                                 ark
Ark Crossword
Facts and Figures - A crossword puzzle about Noah's ark
Bible Stories and Discussion Questions (read online and lookup in your Bible)

Noah's Ark
Read Genesis 6:11-8:17
     •  Noah's Ark (younger children)
     •  Noah's Ark (younger children)
     •  God's Promise to Noah (younger children)
     •  Safe in the Boat (older children / teens)
     •  Why A Great Ship was Built (older children / teens)
     •  The Great Flood (older children / teens)
     •  Discussion Questions (younger children)
     •  Discussion Questions (older children)

Listen to Bible Stories (online)
  The Story of Noah (told by five-year-old Jacob)
Living with the Bible
  Healing - Like Noah We Can Trust God to Direct Our Lives
  God's Ever- Present Protection by Marjorie Eddington
Bible Overview
  New Views and Facts About Noah and the Ark
  How long did the flood last in Noah’s time?
  Why did Noah, Abraham, Sarah and others live so long? Noah starts building an ark at 480 years >of age. Sarah gives birth to a son at age 90. Are these real ages?
  In the story of Noah, at the end God promised never to do this again and gave us a rainbow to remind us of his promise. Why did we have more plagues?
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  Why should I follow God when He doesn’t give me enough of an explanation?
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