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Moses' life reveals a man who learns to patiently trust and openly communicate with God. Included here are studies of the Children of Israel, the Ten Commandments, the Tent of Meeting, and survival in the Wilderness.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles


Living with the Bible

  Steve Alford shares how he had to listen wholeheartedly and put his trust totally in God, as Moses had done
  Choose Freedom (like Moses we have a choice)
  What's Your Purpose? (Like Moses, we might question our purpose)
  God is the Performer
  Picture This -- Beauty (Like Moses we can get a new picture of ourselves)
  Susan Wright - Finds practical help with communication from Moses
  I Love Who I Am (Like Moses we can turn to God to understand our identity)
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Moses from his birth until the deliverance of the Children of Israel to the Red Sea
  Bible Characters - Moses in the Wilderness
  Bible Characters - Aaron
  Bible Overview - Exodus (Israel in Egypt, Israel in Wilderness, the events at Sinai)
  Bible Overview - Leviticus (tent of meeting, Moses sons become priests, more instructions from God)
  Bible Overview - Numbers (describes the "wilderness" experience)
  Bible Overview - Deuteronomy (Moses' discourses before the Children of Israel enter the Promised Land)
  I've heard people say that Moses didn't part the Red Sea but the Sea of Reeds. Which sea was it?
  Could you point me to scriptures that deal specifically with God's desire for us to help each other?
  Who or what is a prophet?
  Why did Moses wait until he was 40 to check out the family roots? Is this symbolic of "40" -- as in the days in the wilderness?
  Are there any Bible stories about calming people or relieving stress?
  Why would God want to kill Moses just after he asked him to go to Egypt?
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  Like Moses, you can use the commandments daily
  Like Moses, you can free yourselves and others
  Like Moses, you can defeat terrorism
  Dave's Burning Bush
  Fear Conquered with the Help of a Friend
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  How do you find water in a desert? How did the Children of Israel find water in a desert?
  Please tell me what exactly is "Moses' sin." I thought it was the killing of the Egyptian when he was younger. Or was it the revolt of the Levi tribe toward the end? What reason kept him out of the Promised Land?
  A question about Moses and "holy ground"
  How do I deal with not wanting to move to a new place and go to a new school?

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