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  Jesus' legacy is his teachings - his parables - which guide each one of us to "follow" him by learning to love and heal as he did.  

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Parenting with the Bible
  A Story about Two Sons
Living with the Bible - Healing Messages
  True Friendship ( the Good Samaritan teaches us how to be a friend) by Marjorie F. Eddington
  Parable of the Good Samaritan - The Message
  Garner Andrews addresses jealousy through Jesus' Parables
  Haley Henderson shares how prayer and inspiration from the Prodigal Son helped her become a member of the Ballet San Jose company
  Jessica Morse shares how the presence of the Christ transformed a kidnapping situation (parable of the lost sheep)
  Teenager Lyn Schoch -- the Bible and the Prodigal Son helped her relationship with her parents
  A Healing Occurs by Separating the Tares from the Wheat
  A Ten Year Old Girl's Favorite Story - The Prodigal Son
  A teenager shares how she decided to include her parents in her life after initially pushing them away – a lot like the Prodigal Son did in one of Jesus’ parables
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  The Playground Good Samaritan
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