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  Elijah and Elisha  
Elijah and Elisha prophesied during the reign of kings who defied God. In stark contrast, the prophets' trust in God moved them through famines, Baal worship, and political corruption. They unflinchingly demonstrated God's care.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles

Living with the Bible
  Persecution's Reward - Elijah learned that fear cannot stop God's power
  Infinite Supply - Discusses how Elisha proved the power of gratitude
  Thanksgiving – A Healing Time - Reminds of us how Elisha's question to the widow woman “[W]hat do you have in your house?” brought solutions
  Pete Williams finds Elisha's example helpful in managing relationships at work
Bible Overview
  Bible Overview - 1 Kings
  Bible Overview - 2 Kings
  Bible Characters - Elijah and Elisha
  Who or what is a prophet?
Parenting with the Bible
  What's in Your House?
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  For Teens - Be a prophet like Elijah and Elisha; stand up for God
  Learn more about the women who helped Elijah and Elisha and so were helped themselves
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  How do you know what's right to do in different situations? How do you know it's God who's talking to you?
  How can I find ideas when I have no inspiration to write a paper?
  When suggestions or thoughts come to you to take your life, what can you do? (Jesus' and Elijah's examples help a teenager struggling with these thoughts)
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