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Hi Kids! We have several stories and poems to help you learn about Jesus’ life. For younger children: Shep and Lily talk about John the Baptist, Jesus Calls the Disciples, On a Mountain, The Farmer’s Seeds, A Tiny Seed and a Big Tree, The Net, The Treasure and the Pearl, Money in a Fish, A Sick Servant, A Girl Who Died, Jesus Teaches About Praying, Jesus Walks on Water, and Be Wise.

For younger and older children: Christmas Morn, The Manger, John the Baptist, and Jesus is God’s Son.

For older children: Hurlbut’s A Net Full of Fishes, A Leper, and the Man Let Down through the Roof, and The Cripple at the Pool, and the Withered Hand in the Synagogue; and Egermeier’s The Strange Preacher in the Wilderness, The Temptations of Jesus, The Sermon on the Mountain-side and The Ministry of Jesus map.
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