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No Need to Fear the Storms of Life

Do you ever feel caught up in emotional storms? You can overcome them!

Stand Up to Bullying

How do we stand up to peer pressure and bullying?

How to Weather Life's Storms

How do you handle the storms that come up in life? Because storms do happen...

How Do We Find the Right Path?

How do we know we're making the best decisions? It's not always easy.

Ask God Again

Do you expect your prayers to be answered? Don't give up. Ask, seek, knock, and find!

Lizards and Dragons

Would you rather fight a lizard or a dragon?

Why Worry?

How do we overcome stress, anxiety, low-level fear?

No Need to Fear the Storms of Life

Do you ever feel caught up in emotional storms? You can overcome them!

What Are You Looking At?

Images are constantly shouting at us. How do we process them?

A New Way To Fast

Have you fasted recently? Want to improve your character? Fast on criticism, judgment, appetite ... and more.

We Can Trust Our Father

Have we been tempted to give up on God? God doesn't give up on us.

Prayer Break

When was the last time you were alone, really alone with God? Try it...and see what happens.

Let Go of Ego

How do we deal with a superior attitude, which can really be offensive and can block healing and opportunity?

Test Prep: Don't Forget About Prayer

If taking tests is nerve-wracking, there's an answer: pray

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

What do you want to be when you grow up? Have you thought about being vs doing?

I Am Enough

Can you say, "I love who I am, and I am enough!" You can stop emotional bullying and love yourself.

Not Fair

"That's not fair!" Maybe not. But God meets all our needs. Is that enough?

Handling Emotions

How do we feel but not let emotions scare or control us?

Life Lessons from Skiing

What do you do when you fall? How do you know when to lead or follow? Find this out and more - all from skiing.

Taking Aim at Bullies - A Look at True Power

Goliath looks powerful, but David gets him with a single stone. Can you be like David?

Jacob and Nicholas (Living in Spain)

Living, Learning, Communicating in a Different Culture-We're All God's Children

A Safe Place

If we're ever in an unsafe situation, God can lift us out. And we can feel safe, especially when we listen.

A Life Lesson from Noah: Patience

Technology has sped up our lives. If emails don't pop up instantly, something is wrong! Patience is waning. And then there's Noah.

Move Over, James Bond

Wish you were James Bond or even someone else? Comparisons don't ever help, especially impossible ones. Find out why being our best selves is the only answer.

Hear the Christmas Message

"Whoever has ears, let them hear!" Are we hearing-understanding with our heart-the message that Jesus came to share?

Be Grateful for You

Why can you put yourself at the top of your Thanksgiving gratitude list? You're God's beloved child.

Key to Happiness and Harmony - The Sermon on the Mount

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount gives the key to lasting happiness, harmony that no storm can shake.

The Best Way to Fit In

How do you fit in at school? What if you don't try? Find out the possibilities.

Be Grateful, It's Healthy

Many recent studies prove the power of gratitude. Not only does gratitude help our outlook on life, but it actually improves our health.

Having Trouble Sleeping

You have a right to a good night's sleep. It comes straight from God, who watches over you while you rest!

Humility – The Missing Virtue

Real humility recognizes abilities in ourselves and others as coming from God. It's not egotism or self-confidence.

Keep the Big Fish

Keep the Big Fish explains how we can let the little things go when we know our main priority—love God, love neighbor as ourselves—and what this looks like.

Leave the Old for the New

Leaving behind an old job or school for a new one involves a lot of uncertainty. This uncertainty can paralyze us in fear, if we focus on what we don't know. Focus on what we do know, like God's love. With God leading us, we can't be steered wrong.

Are We Following the Star?

If you saw the star of Bethlehem, would you follow it? In the Bible, the wise men did, but no one else. The Christ is our Bethlehem star, and like the wise men, we should follow where it leads.

Food, Food, Food

Food is delicious. With that said, we spend so much time discussing how to grill the best steak, sauté the best chicken, or boil the best hot dog we lose sight of God. Ultimately, God is our sustenance, and no condiments are needed.

Employment – God's Provision

The only thing worse than being employed is being unemployed, and with the current economy, many people are facing unemployment. Luckily, we have a divine inheritance to fall back on. As we acknowledge God, and the worry fades away, his divine supply becomes apparent.

The Promise of Resurrection

The pain we face is temporary. The promise of our Resurrection is eternal. Live life without fear of pain or death.

Praise Lifts!

The best way to lift us up is by lifting our thinking to God and praising his glory. Joseph's life proves that praising God can lift us from even the most despicable situations.

Education: Credentials or Character?

The most important education is character focused. By traditional means our educations are measured by year or credential; yet, Jesus measured mean by character. Traditional knowledge should take a backseat to spiritual enlightenment.

Selfishness Is Not a "Right"

We have the right to be happy, but does that mean we have the right to be selfish? No. Selfishness hurts others and creates only temporary happiness. To find true joy we must be selfless.

A Golden Rule Life

The Golden Rule empowers those that apply it. Rather than taking a passive stance to life, the Golden Rule requires us to act. If we wish to be treated with Love, we must love others.

Rebuilding Lives

If a bridge collapses, it is not rebuilt to the exact specifications. We should treat each disaster as an opportunity to rebuild something stronger and better.

Become Like Little Children

In our efforts to grow up, we sometimes forget what is so precious about childhood. Jesus never did. Jesus valued the purity, openness, honesty, and unconditional love children express, as should we.

Abundant Energy

We are like solar panels, except rather than absorbing sunrays; we absorb God's blessings. With such an abundant supply of energy, we have an everlasting opportunity to share those blessings with others.

Defeating the Goliath of Anger and Resentment

Anger and resentment help no one. In fact, they are consistently one of the main roadblocks to healthy relationships and happy lives. Anger and resentment are our Goliaths, and God has provided as many stones as we need to conquer them.

Cheating – What's the Real Price?

Honesty is central to good ethics and nearly all relationships we form. Yet, we often find a double standard for those that cheat and don't get caught. To maintain good ethics, we must maintain that cheating is wrong and works against God.

Thanksgiving – A Healing Time

Thanksgiving should be a time when we all acknowledge the good in our lives. God provides us with all we need and more, and when we acknowledge those blessing they multiply even further.

The Next Step

Our lack of knowledge about God can be frustrating. Paul felt those same frustrations, but he felt there were still actions we could take to progress with God, despite our shallow understanding. We should all follow Paul and take the next step with God.

Be A Rebel: Be You!

We often try to fit in with others and spend a considerable amount of time worrying about not being popular. Jesus and Paul were two people that were unequivocally not in the popular crowd. They didn't worry too much. Take their lead and be yourself.


Everyone wants a second chance, and all it takes is a change in thought. If we stopped worrying about the situation or the mistakes we've made and focus on God, we will feel the instantaneous change in our thought, which will be reflected in our lives.

When There's No Human Help, There's God!

When we are beyond the help of others, do we surrender to death? Of course we don't! Surrendering to the mortal world and the idea of death will never help us; however, surrendering to God is guaranteed to help.

Live Without Complaining

Most of us complain fairly often, about nearly everything. It seems natural and can feel good to let off steam. However, complaining is negative and detrimental. The act of complaining wastes time that could be spent gratifying our opportunities or working on solutions.

Our Response to Failure

Failure has a negative connotation, but many influential figures, like Thomas Edison, saw failure as a learning experience. Messing up doesn't mean we should give up, it means we have been given another opportunity in which to learn and succeed.

God is the Performer

With God's power Jesus was able to heal the sick, raise the dead, and cast out demons, which means we should at least be able to use his power to cast out fear of performance. God supplies the message and we are able to flawlessly communicate it.

Performing Without Fear: Be Self-Less

One of the best ways to express God is by performing in front of others. Although it has the potential to petrify some of us, when we focus on the audience and what we are able to give, it becomes the perfect opportunity to demonstrate love.

Love Keeps Us Awake to God's Will

When we spend time listening to God, we might stumble upon the realization that what God wants isn't what we want. In this case, human-will interferes with God's will. We should shed our own desires and serve God's will.

Endurance: Bending Not Breaking

God made us with endurance in Mind. With qualities like patience, happiness, gratitude, trust in God, and Love, we are able to endure any hardship.

Safe in Our Shepherd's Care

Most Sunday Schools and children's Bible stories stress the idea of God as our Shepherd, but what does that entail? As our Shepherd, God guides us, comforts us, and elevates us to our best. We are his sheep, and he has only our best interests in mind.

Competition – Bringing Out the Best

Competition is not about winning or losing. It is an opportunity to honor God by striving for our best and to pace us against peers. Whatever the outcome, when competition is done properly, all parties involved gain from the experience.

God's Ever-Present Protection

Although we could all do with a little more common sense, common sense won't protect us from all harm. There is a lot that humans can't control, which is why we should put our trust in the One being that can protect us: God.

Independence: Your Divine Right – Claim It!

Independence means more than just attaining sole possession of our body and thoughts. Independence is the ability to act to our full potential without being limited. Our faith in God grants us the greatest independence, because it eliminates all limitations.

Sure-Fire Travel Tips

Travel allows us to see the great world that God has created. Don't allow yourself to become stressed or weary. Prepare for a successful trip by making your travels God-centered.

What's Your Purpose

When we seek to find a purpose in our lives, we are missing the most fundamental fact about being children of God: our purpose is to express love. No matter what we do in life, as long as we love, we are fulfilling our purpose.

The Attitude of Creativity

Creativity is an expression of God's infinite abundance. Despite how many concepts have already been created, there is still an infinite amount for us to design on our own.

When We're Criticized

Choose carefully, through spiritual listening, which criticism you choose to acknowledge and which you choose to dismiss.

Criticism's Antidote

Gain insights into how to stop criticism. Learn what Jesus and the disciples had to say about criticism.

Hopeless? Never!

Nothing is hopeless. Today, we consistently limit ourselves by identifying things as impossible or hopeless. Yet, through the Bible we see that the feats most identify as hopeless are accomplished through faith in God. When we love God, nothing is hopeless.

Lessons from the Balance Beam

The balance beam can teach you a lot. For instance, focus, look where you want to land, and trust in God to keep a healthy, balanced life. Not to mention, you'd learn a few tricks for the next time you see a balance beam.

No Need for Jealousy

Jealousy is very subtle. One minute we can be thinking about a friend's new car and the next we might be wishing it were our car instead. To combat jealousy we should rejoice in others accomplishments and take pride in our own.

Recreation Renews and Restores

Summer is a time for relaxation and recuperation, but how do we make sure that our activities reflect God? If they help us demonstrate Christ-like qualities and we balance relaxation and play then we are doing well!

It's God's Decision

Humans make millions of decisions a day. We are decision-making machines; so if you have a big decision to make, don't panic. Take a deep breath, put the decision in perspective, and trust that God won't let you make a mistake.

Welcome Change

We cannot change others, but we can inspire them. Inspiring others starts with changing ourselves and can have a profound effect on those around us.

Effective Leadership

The best leaders are simply the best followers. By following God we can all be competent and effective leaders.

God's Mansions – Our Right Place

Are you in your right place? The answer is yes. There is never a wrong place. God is everywhere, which means all we have to do is choose to see him.

The Light of Newness

Most of us feel like we need a fresh start, but how do we achieve it? Instead of switching schools or moving states, all we really need to do is change our perspective. Look at the future success rather than the past mistakes.

Christmas Love

Christmas is a time to reflect back on the life of Jesus Christ and the love he demonstrated, which was often directed at the unloved. For Christmas we should focus on giving the gift of love, especially to those who lack it.

Spiritual Investment

Sound financial advice is almost as rare as sound moral advice. However, if Jesus were alive today and worked on Wall Street, he would advise you to invest in Love, the best commodity.

Integrity Matters – No Matter What!

Integrity keeps us from taking the easy way out and keeps us on the path to God. By following the path to God we learn to love and convey His message.

Face Down Fear

Fear can be petrifying, but only because we give it power. When we remember that God is beside us, all of our various fears that seem so real turn out to be nothing more than the monster under our beds.

I Love Who I Am

Who are you? As humans, we were made in God's image. We reflect his love and can be nothing short of great. You are God's child.

Joy Defeats Depression

Depression tells us that our joy can be taken away. This is not true. God provides our joy, which is eternal and ever-present.

Heart's Desire

Sit still and think about what you want. Not the cars, toys, gadgets, nor food, but the actual desires of your heart. If they are in line with God, chances are your desires are not far out of reach or they might already have been delivered.

Infinite Supply

When we are grateful for the supply that God has already given us, we will find ourselves amazed at how much God loves us.

Defusing Anger

Anger can seem uncontrollable, but that is a false idea. Anger is a reaction. To defuse it, stop reacting and respond. If we take time, focus on peace, and then respond to the problems at hand, our anger will have dissipated.

Overwhelmed? Yes, by the Power of God

When tasks build up, do you become overwhelmed? You don't have to. When we realize that God provides us with all we need to complete our work, our panic fades away.

Stress is a Choice

It is easy to blame our stress on external factors – work, gas prices, projects. Yet, our stress is a product of our thought. We alone control our thoughts.

The Power of Gratitude

Being grateful is overrated, right? Wrong! Life is great, and as long as we maintain our grasp on what is good in our lives, despite what may temporarily be going awry, life can only get better.

Eliminating Labels – Taking Off the Masks

On a daily basis we put labels on everything, which can be helpful to organize objects. However, when we apply labels to people, we not only limit those people, but we also put limitations on God.

Choose Freedom

Gaining a sense of freedom and independence can be a tough battle. Fortunately, the battle is a whole lot simpler when you realize that freedom is not a physical condition, but a mental state. Moreover, God is always willing to help you get there.

The Power of Forgiveness

It is easy to think we are doing others a favor by forgiving them. In actuality, we are doing ourselves a favor. We bless everyone, including ourselves, by forgiving others.

Picture This – Beauty

Everyone is beautiful. Beauty is a reflection of a healthy self-image that puts love for God first.

Body and Weight

We often think counting calories, worrying about our weight, and slaving away at the gym will help us find satisfaction in our appearances, only to be disappointed. Read on to learn why you should focus less on your weight and more on God.