Sunday School Projects & Activities

Fun & Games

Read a Story

Stephen is Stoned
Read Acts 7

Jacob and Esau
Read Genesis 25:20-34; 27:1-46; 28-29; 32-33

Joseph's Forgiveness
Read Genesis 42-45

God Forgives Jonah
Read Jonah 1 and 2

The Prodigal Son
Read Luke 15:11-32

Jesus Forgives Zacchaeus
Read Luke 19:2-10

Jesus' Message on Forgiveness
Read Matt 18:21-22

Listen to a Story

Holy Land Tours

  • Jericho - King Saul tries to kill David, Rahab and the spies, the Children of Israel walk across the Jordan river, the walls of Jericho fall, Elisha heals the water supply, Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus, Jesus meets Zacchaeus
  • The Passion Week - The story of Jesus' crucifixion and his resurrection