Personal 23rd Psalm Books

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The 23rd Psalm is a universal favorite. It gives comfort, encouragement, peace, and much more. Having it memorized since I was a little girl has given me comfort my whole life. I wanted my 4th and 5th graders to memorize it, too, so it would be close at hand whenever they needed it.

Even though a poster of the 23rd Psalm hangs in our classroom, memorizing it wasn't immediate. Having learned it long ago, I had no idea how I did it. One day, as I thought about my Sunday school pupils, who love to draw, it became very clear to me what to do to help them commit it to memory. They each would design a book that illustrated the psalm.

Not only did they learn the 23rd Psalm through this process, they also shared healings they had as a result of using the 23rd Psalm in prayer, even after they'd completed the project. Click on the names to see the copies of the books that Tayza, Alison, and Aaron made.

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