Esther (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Women in the Bible

Read Esther 1-10

  • How did Esther become Queen?
  • What did Queen Vashti do to upset the King?
  • How do you think Esther felt being asked to be part of the King's harem?
  • What is a harem?
  • Why would that be frightening?
  • Would you be surprised if the King selected you for his bride?
  • What religion was Esther?
  • Why did he select Esther?
  • What is Esther's uncle's name? [Mordecai]
  • What did he ask Esther to do? [Talk with the King about saving her people]
  • Why was that so scary? [The Queen could only talk to the King if he called her; otherwise he could kill her.]
  • How did the King greet her?
  • What did Esther ask for? [a banquet]
  • Who was invited?
  • What did Esther ask the King at dinner?
  • How did that affect Haman?
  • For whom had Haman prepared the gallows?
  • What happened instead?
  • What is the name of the annual feast that celebrates the defeat of the Jews' enemies?