Deborah is a Judge (Discussion Questions)

Categories: Judges, Women in the Bible

Read Judges 4-5

  • Who was the brave woman who lived near Shiloh? [Deborah]
  • Did God speak to Deborah directly? [yes]
  • What did Jabin, the king of Canaan, do? [made life miserable for the Israelites]
  • Who was the cruel commander of the Canaanite army? [Sisera]
  • For how many years did the Israelites suffer under Jabin? [20 years]
  • Who came to the rescue? [Deborah]
  • Who was Barak? [a brave soldier]
  • What did Deborah tell Barak to do? [take ten thousand men and head to Mt. Tabor, Sisera will come after you, but God will give you the victory]
  • What did Barak ask Deborah to do? [go with him]
  • Deborah predicted that a woman would get credit for this battle – who was it? [Jael]