David was a simple shepherd boy who had a tremendous love for God. When the Philistine giant, Goliath, threatened the safety of the Israelites, David bravely faced him, assured that God's love and power would protect him. Later, David becomes King of Judah.

Kids and Sunday School Resources

Projects and Activities

  • David and Goliath - (young children) A measuring and comparing exercise that helps children undertand the size of Goliath
  • David and Goliath (LEGOs®) - Matthew tells the story of David and Goliath using LEGOs and PowerPoint
  • David's Prayer Journal - Shep and Lily discuss David's psalms and encourage kids to keep their own prayer journal

Fun and Games

Read a Story

David Anointed King by Samuel
Read 1 Samuel 16

David Plays for Saul
Read 1 Samuel 16: 14-23

David and Goliath
Read 1 Samuel 17

Jonathan and David's Friendship
Read 1 Samuel 20

David a Fugitive
Read 1 Samuel 21-24:22

Nabal, David, and Abigail
Read 1 Samuel 25

Saul's Pursuit of David
Read 1 Samuel 26

Johnathan and Saul are Killed
Read 2 Samuel 1-9

David and Bathsheba
Read 2 Samuel 11

The Prophet Nathan
Read 2 Samuel 12:1-14

David's Children - Amnon, Absalom, and Tamar
Read 2 Samuel 13

Absalom Tries to Become King
Read 2 Samuel 15-19

David's Psalms
Read Psalms

Listen to a Story

Holy Land Tours

  • Beersheba - The story of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar, Ishmael and Isaac, the story of Lot's wife and Sodom and Gomorrah, the story of David, Abigail and Nabal.
  • Jericho - King Saul tries to kill David, Rahab and the spies, the Children of Israel walk across the Jordan river, the walls of Jericho fall, Elisha heals the water supply, Jesus heals blind Bartimaeus, Jesus meets Zacchaeus
  • Megiddo - People visit judges at the gates of the city, Boaz and Ruth, Absalom (David's son)

Adult and Teen Resources

Articles — Everyday Living

  • Defeating Our Goliaths - We can defeat Goliath-like problems-life-threatening disease, financial crisis-as David did.

Guests — Everyday Living

  • Dale Michael – Retired World Book Executive VP and Psychotherapist - Discover how Dale Michaels, Retired World Book Executive VP and Psychotherapist, learned that success is not in money but in helping others and has used 'love thy neighbor' throughout his life.
  • Devon Burr – Planetary Geologist at the SETI Institute - Discover what insights Devon Burr, Planetary Geologist at the SETI Institute, has to offer about the nature of reality; the similarities of scientists and spiritual thinkers; the evidence of God in her work as she looks for life in the solar system; the way she meets the demands and challenges of collaboration with other scientists; and more.
  • Dick Davenport – Founder and Director of Higher Ground - Dick Davenport, Founder and Director of Higher Ground, shares what it means to be a model of faith, the role of grace and love, and how he helps students discover how God values everyone.
  • Jerry Farmer (Part 2) – Prosecuting Attorney - Prosecuting Attorney Jerry Farmer provides his insights into law and describes how passages from the Bible steadied and guided him as he determined the direction of felony cases and tried complicated murder cases.
  • Mike Ritter - Former Executive, Never a Victim - Mike Ritter got out of gangs, overcame economic hardships, and became the president of a major cable TV company. He never saw himself as a victim. There's always a choice.

Healing Messages — Everyday Living

  • Healing of An Injured Arm - Feeling caught? You can be free! See how one man was healed after getting his arm caught in a laundry wringer.

Parenting — Everyday Living

Book Reviews — Everyday Living

  • Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado - In 'Facing Your Giants,' Max Lucado relates David battling Goliath to today's weary worriers battling their own giants. The inspired sermon turns David into a friend we all can relate to, sympathize with, and truly turn to for advice.
  • Facing Your Giants: Teen Edition by Max Lucado, adapted by Monica Hall - Teens, get reacquainted with David and see how heroes come in all sizes. Author Max Lucado hits at handling the challenges that bully the younger generation, which require the same unwavering faith that allowed David to defeat Goliath.
  • The Legacy Journey - Finances are personal, but there's nothing more intimate than consulting the Scriptures and talking finances with God. Dave Ramsey's "The Legacy Journey" outlines practical ways to save and explores the biblical view of wealth.
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Needle's Eye - Author Len Bailey unleashes Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson to time-travel through the Old and New Testaments to solve 10 of the Bible's ultimate mysteries in "Sherlock Holmes and the Needle's Eye." Are your sleuthing skills any match for those of the Baker Street boys?

Bible Characters — Bible Study

  • David - An overview of David's amazing life, from his beginnings as a shepherd to his becoming king. (By Mary Jane Chaignot)

Questions and Answers — Bible Study

Books of the Bible — Bible Study

The Apocrypha — Bible Study

Identity — Teen Time

  • Move Over, James Bond - Wish you were James Bond or even someone else? Comparisons don't ever help, especially impossible ones. Find out why being our best selves is the only answer.
  • A Safe Place - If we're ever in an unsafe situation, God can lift us out. And we can feel safe, especially when we listen.
  • Taking Aim at Bullies - A Look at True Power - Goliath looks powerful, but David gets him with a single stone. Can you be like David?

Questions & Answers — Teen Time

  • Finding Satisfaction - I've recently begun to realize how much more I have compared to peers in less developed countries. With that said, I always want more. Why is this?