Is the Council of Nine GOD and the First Eight Archangels?

By Mary Jane Chaignot

Categories: Early Christianity


Thank you for taking the time to review my question. Is the council of nine GOD and the first eight archangels? I know that Michael was the first Archangel created.


The Council of Nine is a term that is used to represent several different factions, ranging from ancient Greek mythology to modern believers. The earliest Greek writings are masterpieces of myth and imagery. The mother of Zeus, who was the grandson of Mother Earth and Father Sky, safeguarded him and his father. When he grew up, Zeus chose a wife and sat in the big hall with 12 thrones. He ruled with two of his sisters, one brother, seven of his children, and Aphrodite.

Hesiod (8th century BCE) writes in Works and Days about how Prometheus (cousin of Zeus) stole fire and gave it to men to make their lives easier. In retaliation, Zeus gave them Pandora and her box. They were told to never open the box, but Pandora's curiosity got the better of her: "…. the woman's hands raised the lid of the great jar, scattered the evils within it and laid up harsh troubles for men." In order to fully punish mankind, Zeus formed the Council of Nine, comprised of Aphrodite, Apollo, Athena, Demeter, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Poseidon and himself. This reference to the Council of Nine does not refer to God and the Archangels.

The Church of Satan also uses the phrase. Apparently, the governing council is referred to as the Council of Nine, but this is probably not what the questioner meant.

Perhaps what the writer is referring to comes under the aegis of New Age thought. There are various sects within the New Age movement. One channeling cult relies heavily on the Council of Nine. It begins by asserting that the collective consciousness of our galaxy is known as the World Spirit. This consciousness is sometimes referred to as the Council of Nine. It is a symbolic representation of the way consciousness has arranged itself as it is presented and experienced individually.

Another reference refers to the Council of Nine as part of the Great Blue Lodge of the Great Blue Light. The Great Blue Light comes from Lord Siraya, who is the Supreme Creator. The Great Blue Lodge is comprised of all the holy places, where the Supreme Creator is illuminated throughout the galaxy. The Council of Nine refers to his messengers, who carry his light to creation. They are given the task of making sure that Lord Siraya's will unfolds as it was meant to be.

Still another strand of New Age refers to them simply as "The Nine." Here, "The Nine" refers to the nine principles of the universe. Work on this premise began over 50 years ago with researchers interested in paranormal activity. An Indian mystic was, supposedly, able to channel The Nine's wisdom. Several years later a different group received another message from The Nine. More people became interested and more research was done. This led to a young Israeli who, while under hypnosis, was able to channel a conscious supercomputer aboard a spaceship. Further investigation revealed that The Nine gave the Israeli his superpowers. The researcher wanted to use the Israeli to tell the world that spacecraft would soon be bringing representatives of The Nine to earth, but the young psychic was swept away with his fame and couldn't have cared less. Desperate, the researcher found other psychics, wealthy partners, and healers. Gene Roddenberry (Star Trek founder) can be counted among them (remember Deep Space Nine?).

Though the original players have long gone, interest in The Nine continues. Many books have been written about the entity, known as "Tom." Over time the true identity of The Nine has been revealed – The Nine is actually Atum, the Egyptian creator-god of the ancient city of Heliopolis (city of the sun). Tom and the eight others form the Great Ennead (collection of nine) of Heliopolis. Heliopolis was the center of worship for the sun god Ra, and Atum was closely related to Ra. Together they were in charge of the whole solar cycle; humanity was formed from the tears of Atum.

To date, The Nine continue channeling various individuals. When they are not on starships, they mostly inhabit the Pleiades Star System and, hence, are oftentimes referred to as the Pleiadian Council of Nine. There, a planet (Erra) has become their communication hub. Most communication is done through telepathy.

The purpose of The Nine is to assist those who are interested in connecting to their higher self. The higher self is that which is close to the Creator Source. Upon doing that, one needs to merge the higher with the lower self (the one that lives on earth); this merger is known as one's multidimensional self. This allows one to live in the "now," but the goal is to be able to experience life outside of time.

The one who wishes to connect with The Nine simply states the request: "I connect with the Pleiadian Council, please connect with me." There is little elaboration, but apparently at that point, The Nine will reveal themselves (or at least one of them will). They act to promote the Good of All, which is why they have a hard time on earth, because that is rarely the goal of earthly society. Still, they are happy to help with whatever issue is needed – physical or emotional healing or spiritual growth. All communication occurs through telepathy, and one's goal is to "see" while in a meditative state.

The goals of The Nine correspond with the New Age movement. It is primarily a thought system without a specific hierarchy or doctrine. It emphasizes correct thinking and knowledge, feeling good, universal toleration, and moral relativism. Its goal is to reunite humans with their Creator Source. This will happen as individuals become more enlightened.

None of this suggests that God and the archangels comprise The Nine. According to the Bible, Michael is the only angel identified as an archangel. The Apocrypha names other angels as archangels; they are Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel. Some scholars think Lucifer was an archangel before he fell away. Revelation speaks of "seven angels who stand before God with seven trumpets." (See Rev. 8:2). That puts the number between three and seven. Perhaps there are more among the heavenly host, but no one knows for sure.

And even though some sources suggest that Michael is one of The Nine, most write about the Nine passing through the pantheon of archangels and angels on their way to communicating with those on earth. Nor are The Nine equated with God. In New Age thinking, God is comprised of all people, including The Nine. Others, however, might equate God with the Creator Source, knowing that there is one God with many different names and attributes. Beyond that, however, trying to comingle the various concepts might be an effort in futility and one that could never be known for certain.

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