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Paul is one of the most important characters in the Bible because of his conversion from ruthless Christian persecutor to tireless advocate of Jesus and his teachings, of Jesus’ followers and the early Christian church. A review of his life beginning with his conversion is traceable through Acts, Paul’s letters, and his early missionary work.

Adult and Teen Informative Articles


Parenting with the Bible

  Paul, A Friend for the Summer
  Paul's advice to Timothy helps kids with back to school issues
  Back to School Blues gives advice from Paul on doing our work
  Every Child is Gifted mentions Paul's advice "neglect not the gift that is in thee....."
  Paul's life helps us stop being Down in the Dumps
  Use the story or Paul's change from murderer to master Christian as an impetus to make useful changes in family life
Living with the Bible
  Paul's letter to the church at Corinth helps with issues of Body and Weight
  Paul's ideas on love help Dr. Claudia Alexander with the US Rosetta Project
  Paul's letters help attorney Jerry Farmer face fear in the courtroom
  Paul's message in Criticism’s Antidote reminds us not to be critical
  Independence: Your Divine Right -- Claim It! details Paul's example of liberty, freedom and love
  Paul's conviction in his letter to the Roman provides inspiration for healing the effects of a car accident
  Paul reminds us to stay awake in Love Keeps Us Awake To God's Will
Bible Overview
  Bible Characters - Silas
  Bible Characters - Barnabas
  Bible Characters - Timothy
  Bible Characters - Titus
  Bible Characters - Philemon and Onesimus
  Bible Characters - Some of the People Named in Romans
  Bible Characters - Paul's Opponents
  Bible Characters - Second Generation Paulinists
  Bible Characters - Thessalonians
  Bible Characters - The Pastoral Letters
  Bible Characters - King Agrippa II
  Bible Overview - Acts (Part 1)
  Bible Overview - Acts (Part 2)
  Bible Overview - Romans
  Bible Overview - 1 Corinthians
  Bible Overview - 2 Corinthians
  Bible Overview - Galatians
  Bible Overview - Ephesians
  Bible Overview - Philippians
  Bible Overview - Colossians
  Bible Overview - 1 Thessalonians
  Bible Overview - 2 Thessalonians
  Bible Overview - 1 Timothy
  Bible Overview - 2 Timothy
  Bible Overview - Titus
  Bible Overview - Philemon
  Bible Overview - The Acts of Paul
  A Question about Paul's Treatment of Women
  Is it possible to summarize succinctly First Corinthians?
  Can you give some background to Romans 5:8?
  Paul did not found the church in Rome, so why did he intend to go there to preach, and why did he write them such a lengthy letter?
  Why are there so many discrepancies between what Luke writes in Acts and what Paul writes in his own letters?
  A controversial question about Paul and circumcision
  A question about the meaning of “captivity captive” in Ephesians 4:8
  Was James, the brother of Jesus, responsible for Paul’s arrest at the end of his ministry?
  Why didn’t Paul and the early Church do more to abolish slavery?
  What do scholars think about Paul's views on marriage as described in the Acts of Thecla?
Teen Time - Make a Difference
  Like Paul, do God’s will -- love!
  In the spirit of Paul's teachings make 3 days criticism free
  Like Paul step out from the crowd and be yourself
  Write letters about your life
  Paul gives us guidelines regarding our attitudes and actions
  Like Paul, be happy no matter what. Do everything with joy!
  Be A Rebel: Be You! points to Paul as an example for how to be ourselves
  Wondering about The Next Step? Paul tells us to trust God, hope unswervingly, and love extravagantly.
Teen Time - Questions and Answers
  For Teens - Why does Paul say, "When I am weak, then I am strong" (2 Cor 12:10)?
  For Teens - New insights from answers to the question, “Why does Paul say, ‘When I am weak, then I am strong’(2 Cor 12:10)?”
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